Education – The Learning of Life, but where to go?

By Dr. Filza Tahir.

It is well said that Education is not the preparation for life; education is life in itself. Education is most powerful weapon for changing the world. The whole purpose of education is turning of mirrors into window.

The purpose of education since ancient times has been to bring people to a full realization of what it is to be a human being, this includes how to fulfill human needs to overcome economic problems and develop intellectual qualities to become a civilized citizen. How people live in world is critical to learn, critical thinking, creativity, interpersonal skills and sense of social responsibility affects life, work and citizenship.

Uninformed disengaged citizens lead to poor policy choices that impact life, so main purpose of an educational institute should be to provide for the fullest possible development of each learner for living morally, creatively and productively in a democratic society.

School is an institution that provides education to our present and future generations. It is not only an institution but a platform to give directions to the lives of our future generations. In our society parents try to choose schools according to the dreams about their kids and the choice of a school has become a critical step in their lives.

Schools are of two type, private schools and government schools, government schools are run and funded by government and private schools are run by private organization or groups. Unfortunately, in Pakistan the government schools have become unable to approach the demands of a good education required to fulfill the challenges of rapidly changing and progressing world. This responsibility seems to be taken by private sector on the demand of high fees and funds from the parents. A big gap has been developed between government and private sector. Parents being conscious about the future of their children have no choice other than private sector. Unfortunately in Pakistan the private sector is taking advantage of the concerns of parents about the education of their kids and in return schools are emphasizing more on increasing business benefits rather than providing good and sufficient services to students. Parents are demanded for different charges and rise in fees again and again without improving the services provided. Sometimes two schools are providing same services but education cost of one school is more than other. This trend has made parents confused in selection of schools and results in rapid shifting of students to different schools. This trend has become one of the major issues required to be resolved by government whether by improving the standards of government sector or by keeping check and balance on private sector.

Basic education is the right of each and every child and good education is demand for the generations to prosper and should be provided equally in all educational institutions.

Writer is Pharmacist based in Islamabad and writes on health and social issues.

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