The Lighter You!

By Dr. Shumaila Imran.

Think of sitting on a grassy area with bright sunshine and cool breeze, with your eyes close, you breathe in the fresh air deeply and feel so much relaxed!. Even this imagination can make you feel so much wonderful and energized than why not practicing it regularly would make you active, healthy and happy. Yoga (meaning unions or yoke) is a process of integrating body, mind and spirit in to a harmony. Nowadays, Yoga is becoming one of the most popular and well-liked form of workout among all age groups of people. It provides both instant feeling of accomplishment and lasting transformation that is much needed in the fitness world. It brings harmony between your body and soul and is therefore something more than just burning your calories and toning muscles. Yoga focuses on your nature system of defense hence, can be extremely helpful in fighting many diseases.

With more than 100 different kinds of postures and exercises, yoga offers a lot of flexibility for those who practice it. It may include gentle and relaxation postures for beginners and some fast-paced and intense workouts for passion lovers too. Examples of different yoga postures include:

Hatha: This includes basic breathing and relaxation exercises.

Vinyasa: A series of postures that smoothly follows each other.

Power Yoga: This is a fast-paced exercise focusing to build up muscles.

Asthanga: A series of poses that combine with special breathing technique.

Bikram: Also known as “Hot Yoga” and performed in a room heated to high temperature.

Lyengar: Type of yoga posture that uses props like blocks, straps and chairs to help you move your body in a particular alignment.

Modern lifestyle has made us vulnerable to stress, both personal and professional. At our workplace, we are busy in our meetings, making up deadlines and at home we are busy doing daily chores for our family like paying bills, money saving tasks and so on. Unfortunately, most of us try to find a way out of this depression by taking Anti-Depressant pills, which might give us an instant relief on short-term basis but in the long-run, they can cause detrimental damage to our health. The solution lies in practicing the holistic healing science like Yoga. The most attractive attribute of yoga is that it does not require any hard and fast rules to follow. You can do your yoga workout anywhere like in your garden, room, at your workplace and even while watching your favorite T.V show. The more you want out of your workout, the more you have to focus.

As yoga is becoming more popular, parents in the Western world are also becoming more anxious to make their kids loving this workout from small age. There are yoga studios and pre-school classes for children to enjoy with their parents. Yoga makes you feel better by improving your flexibility, correcting your posture, building your muscles; strengthening your spine and above all helping you to become more focus and relax. The connection between the mind and body is immensely important and yoga helps us to achieve this connection easily. It helps us to adopt a healthy-lifestyle. A regular practice gets you moving and burns calories, and the spiritual and emotional dimensions of your practice may encourage you to address any eating and weight problems on a deeper level. Yoga may also inspire you to become a more conscious eater. Meditation is also sometimes considered as a counterpart of yoga. Though, both of them are very much similar in their objectives, but still both are quite different in their practice.

Lastly, the above described benefits might not be able to fully justify the advantages that one can achieve through Yoga. This exercise workout is a must tried especially if you are too much indulged in your routine life. Get a fresh start of your day with all the yoga poses and postures right for you and see the lighter yourself!

Writer is a Pharmacist based in Dubai, writes on health and social issues.

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