The Very Real Threat

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

The very real threat is neither America nor India but it is homegrown radicalization and extremism which might risk the destiny of the nation.

The state of Pakistan talked ragged more disgustingly less reverence. Since the formation of a nation state, it remained in antipathy followed of each move regardless of fallacy or truthfulness of its actions. The state of crisis, Pakistan: The failed state, state of sponsoring terrorism, an irresponsible nuclear state sometimes among in rogue nations a popular faction has all set up having such a poor credible history of Pakistan across the globe.

So devastating! So embarrassing! merely Days ago “The Daily Mail” second biggest-selling daily newspaper in the UK has been breaking the news labeled Pakistan the most dangerous place in the world even  Afghanistan and some African countries falling behind in rating.

Let’s use our memory the best recalling the last state Union address to a joint session of the United States Congress by president Obama few weeks ago he delivered, Pakistan was certainly a point of flash in his speech. Obama stated; “Pakistan among the states that will face instability and turmoil for decades.”

There was an influx of counter arguments to come in soon after his speech. Is world setting up any Propaganda to destabilize and wreaking havoc in the country or shows our muddled up true face in the mirror? Ironically, being a nation it is our common dilemma that we did not take a moment to believe in Conspiracy and propaganda theories at first just to hide our dishonest behavior and incompetence.

In the pretext of aforementioned references the current scenario of a country is not much contrary. The Qadri’ episode endorsed Obama’s warning in his post-execution scenario which turned violent, a frenzied mob attacked media houses and attempted to damage government property. According to the local media reports, there were hundreds of thousands of people who reached in twin cities to offer his funeral prayers to pay him greater tribute.

Certainly, the nations shaped by their thoughts and recognized by their actions they choose. The situation might be the case to foresee the future of Pakistan. It was not only a grand-gathering but it was beyond that. The crowd successfully conveyed a sharp message to state and to the international community that they are more than powerful and capable enough to put a country in a state of turmoil any time when it’s necessary.

Does anyone still think external factors only are more hazardous than internal one to stagnate the country? Of course, external factors always been taken into account as a powerful medium to destabilize the state but it is more catastrophic when anti-state groups are vigilant and agreed to join hand external factor. The study of Past witnessed, in the case of Pakistan internal factors have proven more devastating than an external one.

The speedy growth of violent radicalization and extremism is threatening the future of Pakistan in several ways.  Lal Masjid clerics explicitly intimidate the statecraft by promoting the ideology of ISIS and Daesh publicly in Pakistan but state seems helpless to take an immediate action. Sanctuaries and madrasah culture has yet to be addressed and their source and purpose of funding. Literature being taught in madrasah’s is another bigger challenge for the state.

Salman Taseer, a serving governor shot down in broad daylight by his own security guard and killer turned a hero of the nation, Shahbaz Bhatti the only minority minister has been killed, Osama bin laden most wanted terrorist caught and killed in Pakistan, gruesome Army Public School and Bacha Khan University massacre left many questions on security apparatus are the key indicators that refer state will remain in instability and turmoil for decades.

The efforts are made by the state are inadequate even there are loopholes and serious impediments in a way forward of National Action Plan (NAP).

The very real threat is neither America nor India but indeed, it is homegrown radicalization and extremism which might risk the destiny of the nation. The cancer of radical extremism is more poisonous which might swallow up generations of Pakistan.

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst and can be reached at and followed on twitter @ranasarfraz3417


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