US Presidential Elections: Road to the White House

Hopefully final and expected nominations from both parties will come forward for 8th November final elections.

All Presidential candidates from Republican and Democrat geared up for Super Tuesday contest for their party’s nomination. Super Tuesday got more importance because it will decide the fate of candidates for final contest in November 2016; whoever will win twelve state vote cast from Republican and Democrat will lead the race for White House.

In Republican, Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rubio Carlo are trying hard to get the support of Republican Seniors to block the nomination of Donald Trump. There is a lot of face to face contest between Republican candidates and in the last couple of days candidates got dirty on each other on social media and on debates.

There is a great debate going on in Republican leadership to block the nomination of Donald Trump. Earlier on Friday night, Cruz described Trump as a conservative who lacked judgment and nobody knows what President will do if a business will become a President. Ted and Rubio also accused Trump of hiding his tax details and demanded Trump to release his details. Furthermore, Ted Cruse also accused Donald Trump that once he contacted mafia owned company.

Trump already got dirty with all of his opponents, everyone from Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and even Pope.

Marco Rubio also got the support of Republican Governors and said he will win Republican nomination without winning any State.

Earlier, poll released by NBC News/Wall Street Journal/Marist suggest that Donald J Trump and Hillary Clinton will lead Super Tuesday states. Poll results concluded that Trump will lead in Georgia with the support of 30% of Republican voters, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio will follow him with 23% percent each. In Tennessee, Trump will lead with 40% support of Republic support, while 22% support in favour of Cruz and Rubio will get support of 19%. Cruz will lead in his home town with 39% support, whereas Trump will follow him with 26%.

In Democrats, polls suggest Hillary Clinton will be a clear nominee for Democrats in all the three states of Georgia, Tennessee and Texas with the ration of approximately 60 – 30%. Hillary Clinton after winning South Carolina already announced that tomorrow this campaign will go national.

It’s just a matter of last 48 hours; hopefully final and expected nominations from both parties will come forward for 8th November final elections that will lead the path for White House.

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