Brands Mania

By Dr. Filza Tahir.

Brands and its up growing identification have somewhere divided our society.

In past, the man was identified by his manners, then by education and sense of dressing. The sense of dressing was considered to put on a dress that matches or improves someone’s personality and a person with better sense was considered as more educated or sensible. Only a dress of good quality was sufficient to prove all these parameters. In this modern era the word has changed its meaning to a new definition due to globalization phenomenon.

Brand consciousness is one of the major traits of upcoming youth. Youth wants to show having lavish life style and wants to go to brands in terms of clothes, shoes, perfumes, eatables accessories, gadgets and even lingerie. A big brand is considered a good sign of respect and social status. There is race for brands sake. International brands have achieved big market and a local brand has conceived to be the lower or middle class.

All renowned brands belong to the west, the west get most of its products prepared from Asian countries and then sale these products with their own signature and name to all over the world. The product of the same quality but with no recognized name and even with low cast, sometimes prepared by same source is unable to achieve its market at reasonable position.

 In Pakistan, this lust for brands and its up growing identification has somewhere divided our society into more or less aware groups. A group with better knowledge and approach to international brands has achieved awesome social status than the group with less approach or identification even having more bank balance or economic positions.

We have to spend more on our appearance than on our spiritual values to prove our self civilized and educated. This can only be achieved with the assistance of big brand names which leads to craze for the achievement of their products putting aside the care of the savings or limits of budgets for future plans  or safety and leads to a craze called “Brand Mania”.

Writer is a Pharmacist based in Islamabad and writes on health and social issues.


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