By Dr. Ayesha Javed.

Gone are the classical times.

Now do you see a girl with purple streaks or a boy with spikes on his head?


It’s an era of media and glamour where looking perfectly classy is no more a need or desire. You can adopt any fashion you like from classy to chic, old fashioned to trendy, traditional to urban streets fashion. Fashion does not only mean to buy and wear expensive dresses. The term fashion includes from dresses to complete makeover, how you carry yourself, how you walk and talk in life. Fashion divas on television satisfy our fashion finding aesthetic eyes or sense.

All can be summed up under one word “FASHION”

Fashion is so broad but lets limit ourselves to fashion must haves in this article.

Besides a beautiful chic dress both girls and guys must have a few fashion accessories in their wardrobe

  1. Goggle

Nice couple of or at least one set of goggles must be in your wardrobe to wear when you r going out in day.

  1. Wrist Watches

After cellular phones came in the reach of all the socioeconomic classes, wrist watches seems no more in fashion? Right to some extent but from classy to modern times, all like to wear wrist watch from a good brand. If you have enough to spend extravagantly then keep as many watches you like and as many funky design you want to wear. Otherwise a nice strap watch must be there in your wardrobe, at least for special occasions, meetings u knows.

  1. Sun Hat

A nice sun hat when going out for party/picnic is a real must have and believe me you will look trendier with a pleasing sense of fashion when wearing a sunhat.

  1. Belts

Black and brown Belts are a must have for boys. Girls too can keep trendy belts to wear.

  1. Jewelry Pieces for Girls

Every girl wardrobe must have nice sets of matching earrings, bracelets and or necklaces.

  1. Tie for guys

A tie in wardrobe must always be there though you don’t need to wear it more than once in a while. Tie gives a bright color in the center of the plain look.

  1. Bags, Backpacks, Clutches and Wallets

A brown and black leather wallet for men and a clutch for women is a must have item for functions, for picnics, you must be having a medium size back pack to carry all necessary items once in a go.

  1. Shoes and Joggers

Pair of nice kept shoes must always be there for special occasions. And joggers for outdoor stuff is a must have for both guys and girls.

  1. Perfume or a nice smelling de-odorant

Keep your favorite perfume always there in your wardrobe or at least keep a nice smelling antiperspirant deodorant.

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