Impact of schools built in houses

By Dur e Shahwar Hidayat.

In Pakistan many private schools fail to provide students with playgrounds due to their small size building.

During last couple of decades, private school industry in Pakistan has flourished at large, in almost every city and district of Pakistan. However, most of them are built in houses or small buildings. Small size schools have an immense impact on student’s lives, which in one way or the other affect student’s educational and physical development.

Extra curriculum activities are vital for the brain development of students, though many private schools do not consider it as they lack playgrounds. Sports are important for the student’s social, emotional and physical development. It is incredibly essential for boosting creativity and strong imaginative powers in them. According to the experts, it is believe that size of school drastically affects not only the activities of children but also their mental fitness. Unfortunately, in Pakistan many private schools fail to provide their students with playgrounds due to their small size building. The extensive growth of schools in houses paints the grim picture of children’s mental health.

Sports engage a student in healthy activity which is vital for character building. Sports are a recreational activity used by students to get relief from their hectic academic schedules. During break hours they usually go to playgrounds of their respective schools to play different games. If there is no playground inside the school then they go outside the school to play. The schools that are unable to accommodate playgrounds let their students to play on roads, residential streets or playgrounds near their schools. This situation not only creates problem for residents but also generates an alarming threat for security authorities. No one can cage students in a building as sports and playing activities have a major role in their lives.

The condition of state – sponsored schools are far much better in this case as they are built on vast land. However, for quality education parents are forced to send their children to private schools operating in small houses. Despite charging heavy tuition fee, these schools had failed to provide quality sports and extra curriculum activities. There are many other factors that are directly linked with the size of schools. Many private schools lack the facility of libraries as well. Owners of these schools give priority to their income resource over the basic requirements of student’s educational development. According to a recent survey, students score significantly higher than students at schools with less-well-equipped and staffed libraries. These small size schools stress more upon studies and take extra curriculum activities of students as for granted.

Moreover, the schools build in houses also cause nuisance for the adjacent residents. It not only causes inconvenience to the locals but also result in traffic jam on the thoroughfares during school timings and security risks for residents. Therefore, the impact must not be neglected.

Many parents urge government to force these schools to construct playgrounds in their respective schools. Yet no effective action has been taken by the government over this issue. Only government is not solely to be blamed for this problem, school’s management must also be aware of the importance of games and extra curriculum activities for student’s educational growth. Schools not just enhance the information of students but it builds personality of students as well. Schools educate students about every field of life thus creating their persona, therefore, it is very important for government to keep an eye upon private schools and bring this issue under its consideration.

Security of schools is of focus in Pakistan. Many terrorist attacks on schools have brought attention over the security of students. When students find no playgrounds in their schools, they try to go outside of it. They go outside to play on roads, residential streets or playgrounds nearby. This situation leads to create several problems. In a nut shell this issue is of immense importance and government must come up with some effective policies to tackle this issue.

Writer is Peshawar based student of English literature.

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