Operation Zab-e-Azab & THE FINAL GO


Operation Zarb-e-Azab is a joint military operation being conducted by Pakistan Armed Forces against all the militants groups specially Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) to eliminate the root cause of terrorism from the country. The operation was started on 15th Jun 2014 in North Waziristan along with Pakistan Afghan Border as well. The purpose of this operation was to dig out all the root causes of terror wave in country due to which many civilians and military personnel have lost their lives.

There was a time when almost every corner of the country was being bombarded resulting in the loss of many precious lives. It was becoming pretty much difficult for the government to control the situation. Finally it was decided to launch massive and grand military operation Zarb-e-Azab against all the militant groups with full power. Operation Zarb-e-Azab has so far gained a lot of success in eliminating terrorism from the country resulting in improved Security & Law and Order situation in the country which has been admired by all the political and civilian sectors. Foreign media has also praised the efforts of Army and Operation Zarb-e-Azab in the revival of peace in the country. The ongoing operation is yet under process. The purpose of this operation is not only to execute terrorists but also to take strict action against all the social and political factors which are indirectly supporting them. Pakistan Armed Forces and government of Pakistan have got all the praises for running this operation successfully.

Since the start of operation Zarb-e-Azab, 98% of North Waziristan area has been cleared and the hideouts of terrorists have been uprooted. There is one valley known as Shawal Valley which is considered as the gateway for Taliban and militants to Afghanistan. The area consists of jungle in between the mountains which has proved to be a safe passage for militants to travel to Afghanistan for different purposes. A couple of days ago, Army Chief General Raheel Shareef visited Shawal Valley and has given final go-ahead for initiating the last phase of Operation Zarb-e-Azab to start execution of militant groups to maximum extent. Operation Zarb-e-Azab’s last phase in Shawal Valley aims to clear the remnants of militants. This is the final go of operation Zarb-e-Azab which has led to the revival of peace in the country. The operation in Shawal Valley will cause serious damage to the militants as their passage to Afghanistan will be vanished along with the fact that no hideouts will be left for terrorists and there won’t be any chance for them to regroup again as well. The nation which has suffered a lot in the past 15 years, has fully supported Pakistan Armed Forces’ stance against the war against terrorism. Everyone is hopeful that final move of starting operating in Shawal Valley could begin another era in country, era of stability, peace and harmony.

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