Russian planes flying back from Syria

PHOTO: Reuters

Russian war planes today started to fly back from Syria. Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday in a surprise order announced the withdrawal of main Russian forces from Syria, citing the reason that forces have achieved all of its desired goals.

The picture above taken in Syria shows fighter jet planes going back to Russia. Viladamir Putin’s surprise order led to speculation that Moscow may want to press Bashar al Assad to show more flexibility at the Geneva talks.

Damascus has dismissed any talk of differences with Moscow, however last month Russia’s top diplomat had warned Syrian President Bashar al Asad on his statement that he is promising to take whole country back and  he was warned that  all Russian forces will be withdrawn if Syrian government will cross red lines. Russia’s representative in United Nations Vitali Chukarin complained that Assad did not appear to be sufficiently greatful for Russia’s backing.

The withdrawal of Russian forces in coming days will once again completely change the dynamics of the war affected state of Syria and region as well. Putin’s decision to withdraw forces left everyone in surprise.

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