We are not Iraq or Syria, Why such a disgrace to Pakistan’s Passport?

Pakistan is given 2nd last ranking in the category of world’s worse Passport before Afghanistan.

London based consulting firm Henley and Partners last week issued the list of world’s best and worse Passports.

Pakistan is given 2nd last ranking in the category of world’s worse Passport before Afghanistan, is the matter of concern relates to Pakistan. All war torn countries are not safe for international citizens including Iraq, Syria, Libya, and Somalia, but are placed better than Pakistan in the ranking of passport. Here an important question rises into the minds of all, especially Pakistanis, why Pakistan’s Passport is worse in the world? What criteria is used to calculate the ranking of Pakistani Passport?

The list issued by London based consulting firm Henley and Partners by listing Pakistani passport as the world’s worse, actually raised questions on the credibility of ranking issued by the firm. Pakistan is not Iraq or Syria or Libya or Somalia; all these countries are at war with itself. All these countries have law less areas, foreign citizens cannot enter into these countries, let’s take the case of Syria, government forces are fighting with more than 97 Syrian opposition groups along with IS and Al Qaida affiliated Al Nusra Front. Syria’s neighbor Iraq is also facing the same situation, country is in the situation of civil war, different groups including IS and Al Qaida have declared their own territories and in these territories government presence is absolutely abolished.

If we look into some African countries, Libya, Somalia and Nigeria, all are in the situation of civil war, people are killing each other just for the sake power and control. Each day we hear international and national media reports of blasts and killings.

However, if we look into situation in Pakistan, It is a much safer place and country suitable for everyone to visit, investments are coming, foreign delegations and dignitaries are visiting, and all people are living in peace and harmony. There were some negative elements which are almost over and situation is comfortable for everyone and people from all sects and religion can practice their faith independently. This ranking issued by London based firm shows biased views of West for Pakistan and is portraying us (Pakistanis) as the worse place of the world.

German passport is declared world’s best passport, while Sweden stands at 2nd  number whereas Finland, France, Italy, Spain, UK stands at third number, however United States of America is on fourth number in the list.

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