PPP fall from grace

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

In the past few years PPP has lost its popular mandate even the fever pitch “Bhutto” rhetoric is not working in any way. Almost about years before when Pakistan People’s Party has been considered the largest political party of the country that has entitled to the honor of having “Symbol of federation”. It had considerable size of political weight in every nook and corner of the country.

Then suddenly, under the Asif Ali zardari’s Command PPP has faced ripple effects. The political graph of PPP has been challenged. The party lost its weight all across the country rapidly. The intense gap between the leadership and “jiyalas” term largely used for die-hard supporters who always been real strength of the party on the grass route level started growing and the romanticism which PPP has enjoyed in the early years of its creation has diminished.

The party’s first tier leadership has given the far-reaching task to stalwarts of party to execute the causes of downfall on several occasions but they were unable to pinpoint whereabouts of causes of steady decline.

During the five-year period of Zardari rein (2008-2013) the political party, which claimed to be the representative party of the poor and have-nots, has practically made life miserable for these classes which are considered to be its stronghold and all what they claimed as their achievements turned out to be their failures.

What are the reasons for PPP gradual declining – whether it was leadership shortfall or corruption or bad governance? Rather it was media who projected the image of PPP fiercely? Why PPP has lost its mighty image and impression and diminishing its vote bank?

Of course such an annoying scenario could have multifaceted causes that ultimately affected the party’s prestige. Therefore, though a single answer to so many Himalayan Blunders which PPP made would not be adequate to incorporate the dilemma of gradual decline.

In the post-Benazir Bhutto era, PPP had left upon with leadership vacuum. The Party has reached on the point of sink or swim eventually command inherited to Asif Ali Zardari who earned a very bad reputation in the past. Even people within the party were not willing to work under his allegiance but they had left with no choice on the same time.

The young Bilawal neither has any charisma nor does magical personality who might have rule the minds of masses like his Grandfather and mother left upon legacy. The rivalry at home between father and son has played its part to make people think off.

As soon as PPP has came into power they had issued license to print money to their political allies. The law and order and security situation aggravated. The largest city and economic hub of the country Karachi became bandit territory in no time of PPP’s tenure. And the PPP has achieved new milestones in corruption and bad governance of their five years term.

The statistics of World Bank and IMF the poverty had increased in the country and millions of middle and lower middle class people had slipped down the poverty line. Again as per the international statistics the incumbent government had taken record loans from local banks while the overall loans of the country had doubled in just four and a half years rule of PPP.

Although, 18th amendment and transfer of presidential powers to Chief executive of the Country, autonomy of provinces under unprecedented National finance commission awards, initiative the rights of Baluchistan Aghaz-I-Haqooq-I-Balochistan to compensate angry Baluch leaders, the completion of five years of democratic government and to expedite the politics of reconciliation are on the credit of PPP five years tenure of power.

As a matter of fact, the PPP has changed its political ideology especially right after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. The growing distance reached to that extent when Party leadership would have been visited the constituency no worker even willing to welcome on their doors. The current Local body elections are witnessed to the fact that PPP also losing its image in interior Sindh. The party has not secured enough seats in Badin including some other districts that is not good sign for the party.

Indeed, Media has played its vibrant role to keep an eye on malpractices, bad governance and the corruption stories of PPP’s senior leadership. Media has reached everywhere in the blink of an eye and kept breaking new to the masses of the country that has changed the minds of the people. The Social media another powerful tool which gave easy access to every individual led to make people more socialized and politically aware off.

It is clear that the decline of a PPP multifaceted i.e. leadership crisis, bad governance, malpractices, the vibrancy of media and social media that has given easy access to the masses which increases political awareness among them are the causes of the Pakistan People’s party’s political graph and its relative decline.

Pakistan people’s Party see the error of its way and to make them fix if they have to keep them alive in politics. They should have to have complete overhaul of the party which need to be start from the top to bottom.

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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