Women Entrepreneur Ideas!

By Dr. Shumaila Imran.

Intrinsically speaking, women are multi-tasking in nature. Women owned business are now on a rise and in many developed countries they are contributing a lot to small business economies.  To start with, thinking of a perfect business idea can be a big struggle. For some new entrepreneurs, ideas may be coming freely, but they can’t be practically possible. Others are too sketchy and vague so are discarded. The most important aspect in deciding the kind of business depends on various facts. Starting up with, one should also consider business plan and feasibility study to run any particular business. If you want to start up with a business consider these points:

What do you want to get out of this business?

Do a detail market analysis of what you are planning to do.

What are you good at doing?

How much capital money you have to invest?

Whether you are a stay-at-home mommy, working women wanting to add to your monthly income, here are a few business ideas that can be considered by women entrepreneurs:

Online Tutoring

If you possess good educational background and communication skills, online tutoring can be a good business to start. It cost nothing but a working computer and internet system. You can arrange your classes according to your own ease of time especially if you are bound with daily work routine. Skype and other software can be used to connect with students. If you are already working woman, you can earn some extra money by providing tutorial services after working hours.

Parenting Websites/Blogs

Being a parent you know exactly what problems others can face. Be helpful for other parents by building your own website or blog and write on different issues addressing various concerns that come across by all parents in raising their kids. You can be more specific by targeting a particular age group like infants, toddlers and teenagers etc. and make your blog unique for readers.

Online Product Marketing

If you are a stay-at-home mommy and don’t get enough time, marketing for a product online can be a good idea to start. Cooking foods that are your own signature style or baby foods can be some good options. Nowadays, it’s very much easy to promote your products on social networks like face book and instagram. You can take orders online and can arrange shipping them by various means.


Any kind of business can be initiated on a freelance basis. Whatever your skills are, you can immediately start as a freelancer proving your skills and can grow massively with time. There are several websites available that hires freelancers for different jobs. You can select any job that suits your skills. Upwork.com and Freelancer.com are two of this kind of websites.

Event Planner

Love arranging parties, meetings and dinners? Event planning is one of the most popular business running by Women entrepreneurs these days! if messy things like finding right vendors, venues and handling last-minute changes are a piece of cake for you, you can be a very good event planner for sure. Just don’t forget to promote your event planning skills through social networks by putting photos of any events you already planned.

Coaching and Consultation

Both coaching and consultation are decent options for women to start a business with. Coaching can be done in many fields. You can choose to become a life coach, health coach, sports coach or a career coach. This can be gratifying both in terms of personal grooming and finances as well. You can use your in-built coaching skills to help people making decisions in their life, overcoming problems and facing challenges in a better way to reach their desired goals.

Editorial Services

Do you have fondness for literature and writing? An editorial business including writing, editing and publishing can a business you belong to. If you are good at storytelling or summarizing an event in words you can start writing for your own blog or can provide your skills for others also. Here you can get many opportunities that may include copywriting for some business, or writing web content for some blog or even you can write about some newly introduced product or idea. If interested in publishing, digital books or e-books are popular now days. You can write your own book and get published or help other undiscovered publishers to show their skills by making a digital publishing house.

These are only few among a lot many possible ideas for women entrepreneurs. Honestly speaking, there are endless opportunities for those who have the skill, desire and courage to come up with.

Writer is a Pharmacist based in Dubai, writes on health and social issues.

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