Basic make up tips every woman must know

By Dr. Ayesha Javed.

We, all women, love to put on makeup. We want to look amazingly beautiful and flawless.

But do our makeup techniques yield the best possible results?

Here we have a few of basic tips and tricks to look amazingly beautiful even with simple make up & in a lesser time to do.

Choose the colour of the base same as your undertone. Undertone is the real colour of the skin just beneath the upper layer/epidermis. Upper layer can be changed over time due to sun exposure etc. There are three undertone shades namely; cool (mostly of Europeans), neutral (slightly wheatish complexion mostly of middle eastern) and warm (dark complexion of Asians).


Just choose a base colour one shade darker than your skin colour of the wrist below palm. Never try to look fairer than your original skin tone. Else you will give a greenish or greyish look in the lights during any function/event.

Apply the base in T-Zone first. T-Zone includes the nose area and the forehead. It is usually oilier and absorbs more base. Do not apply too much base/foundation as it will cause cracking of make-up after some time. These fine lines will make you look much older than your real age.

Use liquid foundations if your skin is dry or the weather is rough and dry. Powder base is good during humid seasons and for oily skins.

Never apply too much concealer on eye lids or under eyes. This too will cause appearance of fine lines. Concealer tone should be matching with the skin tone. Concealers should only be applied to hide the marks on face and nowhere else except those dark marks of acne or scars.

Mascara is a must have. But, first decide your aim of applying mascara. Do you want to make eye lashes look bigger or thicker or just slightly defined in shape? For thicker eye lashes, get mascara with extra volume and thicker effects. For simple long, well defined eye lashes, you can use even a transparent mascara.

Mascara never goes out without an eye liner. Choose a colour according to your dress and skin tone. Shades of bronze, glitters or a golden eye liner go well with the Asian skin tones. Black liner is never out of fashion. Dark misty blues and emerald greens also go with Asian skins with even and shiny skin. Eye liner must be a bit thicker line on the upper eye lid than the lower eye lid.

Eye shadows of light, bright and glittery or earthy shades suit almost to all skin tones. Either dab a single colour eye shadow on the upper lid of eyes or if you are expert enough in blending and matching colours then try 2, 3 or even more shades of eye shadows on your eyes to produce dreamy eyes looks.

Blush on? Yes a little stroke of a light blush-on on side cheeks, around apples of face is fine for a day out. And if there’s some function then apply darker brighter shades but never apply too much blush-on on cheeks. Light brown, goldy brown/bronze, light pink with golden touch or darker shades of pink, all are perfect for Asian skin tones.

A makeover is never complete without a lip colour. These days lip glosses, lip pouts, matte lipsticks, moisturizing lipstick all are ‘in’. Lip glosses with little colour coverage of lips are more suitable for teenagers. Working women can apply mattes and if they do like then a moisturizing lipstick is too perfect but stay-on time of glossy lipsticks is lesser than mattes. Also the glossy ones often do not give proper lip coverage to the darker lips.

A good shape of the lips can make or break your entire look. Big faces with very very thin lips can be odd too and very thin faces with very thin; invisible lips or very big rounded lips kill the looks. If you have very thin lips then use the lip pencil just around (outside) the lips and then fill in the lips with matching lip colour. For big rounded lips, use lip pencil just inside the lip borders and then fill the rest of the lips portion with the matching colour lipstick. Remember, the same colour of the lip pencil and lipstick is well preferred.

Last but not the least

If you are focusing on eyes then do not apply dark shades to lips and cheeks. And if you want attention to your lips then leave the rest, the eyes and the cheeks to lighter shades/little make-up. And if you are focusing on apples on your cheeks then keep the eyes in low tones.

Rest try these tips at home first. So that you may not face any inconvenience when you getting ready for an event.

Hope you have enjoyed much.


Writer is MPhil in Pharmacy and writers on health and social issues.

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