Uzair Jan Baloch

A Name Known with Liyari Gang Wars & People’s Aman Committee.

Uzair Jan Baloch, a known name in Pakistan not for some good reasons but for Liyari Gang Wars, Peoples Aman Committee and dozens of charges of murders & kidnapping.

Question here is who is Uzair Jan Baloch?

Faiz Mohammad father of Uzair Baloch was in transport business in Liyari, Karachi. Baloch came into limelight after the murder of his father by Arshad Pappu’s gang in 2003 and after father’s murder he decided to take revenge from Arshad Pappu. Arshad Pappu was a gangster in Liyari known for drugs and land grabbings, also rival of Uzair’s cousin Rehman Dakait.

Father’s revenge forced Uzair Baloch to join hands with Rehman Dakait and after joining Rehman Dakait Gang, first time in 2003 Uzair was arrested by Late SSP Chaudhry Aslam for a shorter period. Rehman Dakait was the one who introduced Uzair Baloch with some of the leaders of PPP.

In 2009, Rehman Baloch known as Rehman Dakait was killed by Karachi Police accused in more than 80 cases, but gave Uzair Baloch more prominence as gang leader and most of the Liyari’s gangs accepted him as leader and importantly took charge of People’s Aman Committee (PAC).

People’s Aman Committee headed by Uzair Baloch spread under the protection of People’s Party and opened its group out of Liyari, mostly in Baloch populated areas. However, rifts produced between Uzair Baloch and PPP leader Awais Muzaffar known as Tapi when Tapi had shown his willingness to contest elections from Liyari, whereas Baloch wants members to be selected from his cadres. PPP leadership finally had to surrender and agreed to choose Baloch’s nominated persons from Liyari.

Crucial time in Uzair Baloch’s life started after March 16, 2013 when Arshad Pappu, most notorious gang war leader was kidnapped and later on murdered along with his brother and one close friend. Arshad Pappu’s dead body was found severely tortured and shot multiple times. Arshad Pappu is the same gang leader who was responsible for the murder of Uzair Baloch’s father.

Arshad Pappu’s murder FIR was lodged in the end of March, 2013 on the complaint of his widow. The key witness Pappu’s son was able to recognize Zubair Baloch, Noor Muhammad alias Baba Ladla and some others as well. In this case few activists of People’s Aman Committee were arrested, however Uzair Jan Baloch, Baba Ladla and SHO Niazi declared absconders.

Interestingly, in ATC police informed the court that they don’t know the where abouts of Uzair Baloch, but Sindh High Court took suo moto notice on July 25, 2013 on the news clippings of Uzair Baloch wherein he invited 500 journalists on Iftar dinner.

 On 8th August, 2015 Baba Ladla was killed in Balochistan close to Iranian border while trying to cross border Pakistan Iran border.

Anti-Terrorism Court on 16th August, 2013 declared Uzair Baloch absconder and issued non bailable arrest warrants in murder case of Gangster Arshad Pappu.

Sindh government on 21st May, 2014 requested federal government for the issuance of Red Warrants for Uzair Baloch and FIA requested Interpol for the arrest of accused.

On 29th December, 2014 Interpol arrested Uzair Baloch from Dubai while taking plane for Muscat flight on fake documents.

Finally, on 30th January, 2015 after 13 months, Uzair Jan Baloch’s arrest was highlighted and shown in the custody of Karachi Rangers. Immediately after showing his arrest, Rangers presented him in ATC and took 90 days remand.

Uzair 02

Faryal Talpur received by Uzair Jan Baloch in Liyari after 2013 General Elections.

Now fate of Uzair Jan Baloch is in the hands of law enforcement agencies for further investigation in cases filed against him and courts of Pakistan will decide his fate, however Uzair Jan Baloch has also many disclosures to make what he did and on whom instructions he did as from 2009 to 2013 he remained closely associated with PPP leadership.

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