An Invincible Warrior

Arguably, Persona of army chief considers among the key factors to dismiss the perpetrators involved in corruption scam apart from that consequences could have been different under some other one’s command.

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

Chinese greater war leader and strategist Sun Tzu – Once said; “A leader leads by example, not by force”. In the pretext of Sun Tzu’s epigraph, Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif has been leading from the front by setting upon unprecedented examples that rarely exists in the history of Pakistan Army. Of course, an unbendable and selfless character can produce such an excellence that paves a way in the rapid process of institutional professionalism that further strengthens the democratic culture in the country.

Most recent development that has become largely discussed story of the week in Pakistan is some senior army officers have been dismissed over the serious charges of corruption, interestingly officers from the top military slot with the rank of generals found guilty in the army mega corruption case. This precedence has never taken place before in the history of Pakistan bringing generals to the justice by cutting their all benefits and privileges barring few.

Arguably, Persona of army chief considers among the key factors to dismiss the perpetrators involved in corruption scam apart from that consequences could have been different under some other one’s command.

 Inscrutable face, affirm body language and amazing sense of quick-wittedness – Raheel Sharif the one who arrived and conquered through his bold actions, uncompromising exertion and achievements in the short course of time without making any distinction between civilians and military personals.

Ever since he took charge as an army chief, he has been made series of landmark decisions launching vigorous Zarb-e-Azab military operation to eliminate terrorism, announcing great show off of 23rd march with full glory after 7 years of freezing long silence, best ever performance achieved in Karachi to abandoned all criminal elements under his command, NLC scam and sentenced two retired military generals and here it comes he ordered to dismiss half dozen serving military officers along with two serving generals in aftermath of thorough scrutiny of financial irregularities and charges of smuggling proved them culpable.

The moment, he held the office he remained in news flash sometimes celebrating his Eid occasions with Jawans fighting on front lines and sometimes by announcing his retirement on the due date. He equally has earned high popular graph within and outside army due to his hard choices he made.

Family legacy and bloodline of General Sharif inherited is bigger than the position he is enjoying, prominent military background with two Nishan-e-Haider (highest military award) recipients in the family. He had never driven by self-indulgent nor he sought any approach in his military career although former military dictator General Musharraf called him younger brother and asked him to come in time of need but he always has deep faith in his own efforts to prosperous.

Such factors, however, have given him inner richness and brave heart to make him rough-tough decisions even going after his own generals bringing them to justice. Do you know how difficult it is to handle a captain in uniform even if he is at fault?  You need to have a heart & spotless profile to challenge the rank of general in uniform and he made it because of a reason.

Unprecedented trial and conviction have relatively not completely challenged the holy-cow culture in the country. In the past, there have had happened so much in army in terms of corruption, malpractices and irregularities but nothing comes up at limelight even no one dare to talk about publicly but this time, it has happened merely credit goes to the stature of army chief who made it possible that no one is above the law not even army stalwarts.

He has left with few months of his great chapter comes to an end, although so much of mess yet to get cleaned up, expectations of people are so high – demanding General Raheel to accept extension in his service for the greater benefit of the country yet he had performed best possible efforts through his unquestionable role for the country, of course, he has to go on due date that he announced earlier.

To find an invincible warrior to this calibre is so exceptional. There has been so much of voices coming across to claim the culture of holy-cow comes to an end but it’s a matter of fact holy cow will remain sacred. It requires few more army chiefs likely to General Raheel to transform the holy-cow culture in Pakistan army. Those who sets high expectations needs to hold on until we find another Army chief with the same profile.

Sarfraz Rana

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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