Depressed! I Want to End My Life!

By Dr. Ayesha Javed.

Recent incidents during last couple of weeks forced me to write about this highly sensitive issue.

News of a girl’s suicide came in newspapers how a girl committed suicide from a rooftop hotel. Another news of a male nursing student who committed suicide.

Then after few days I heard a girl in the neighborhood shot her to death. I had not come out of shock from this news and I met another girl who was crying how harsh her father was that she either would run away from her home or kill herself.

These incidents around my surroundings forced me to write up the issues our young generation of boys and girls are facing. Our parents still live in that ages ago era and they do not understand the effect of media on the minds of our youth. Crime rate is increasing in younger generation, addiction has been increasing, and this suicide attempts among youth, teenagers and women are not these the issues to be highlighted and addressed?

So I have made an attempt to focus on the reasons behind this increasing depression and suicide rate among youth and specifically women and how we can overcome it.

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First of all the responsibility goes to the elders and the parents. Parents please! Try to understand that we now live in times where world has become a Global Village. Media is showing glamour and focusing on the lives of either elite class or lower class. Media has made everything so glamorous. Hollywood and Bollywood show movies of a class where you have money & power, the world is yours and if it’s a woman then she has to be picture perfect beautiful and bold. When our youth interacts with the outer world they want to get a life like that. Now, parents have to keep their children interacting with the modern world in a modern way but under the protection of their parents.

Then comes the education, parents and older relatives are either less or no educated or they do not understand the needs of their children. Even if parents cannot afford a luxurious lifestyle but they can give their children a blanket of comfort, care and hug. Instead of preventing their children to taste the modernity, parents must provide umbrella of their care and protection under which their children meet the outer glamorous world with confidence and cheerfulness.

Parents want to keep the girls inside four walls. They let their boys be friends of girls but restrict their daughters to not to talk to any male. Our society do not try to think that if we hide all the girls inside four walls with no access to social channels yet we give our boys free hand to access the girls then we must rethink from where these girls are coming?? SOW GOOD, REAP GOOD.

Restrictions and blames should be put equally on both genders otherwise gender gap will continue increasing. Crimes and harassment against women will never be settled.

The girl I mentioned above who was thinking to run away from her home was from a labour class family. Now many will say here that it is a common scenario in working class women. For all that type of thinkers, please re-think. I totally disagree with you all. That’s my own experience. I counseled the girl. I put all my efforts to restore confidence in her and in her mother. But at the end I started thinking if a girl is having to run away like this then that’s not a labour class issue. It shows how much our nation has progressed even after 69 years of independence. Our country was made on the name of Islam, yet we are degraded all over the world? We are modernizing in adopting western fashions only. We are still living in centuries’ old Indian culture where there is no concept of social justice, equality, morality and women rights.

Media should play a positive role. Media occasionally only highlights the social problems but never comes up with the solutions. Morning shows, plays / seasons, other programs majorly focus the glamour but never comes up with a play that shows reality along with solution. Education programs should be broadcasted for parents to make them meet the challenges of the modern world.

Even after years of independence, literacy rate is very low. Literacy rate does not only mean that one should go for getting degrees. Education is much more than passing examinations. Good teachers build their students. May be their students get low grades but such students have a strong character and much confidence to meet the challenges of the world outside their academies’.

For parents I must say please give a sense of protection to your children specially daughters. Give your kids (both boys and girls) confidence. Let them share with you whosoever they make their friends. Never be too pointing, too nosy otherwise your children will start hiding all from you. And then they will start seeking wrong advices from their so-called friends. But when parents become friends of their children, then they can guide their children better, and might stop them before anything wrong happens.

Good luck readers.

Will try to catch up the bolder issues with reasoning.

Writer is MPhil in Pharmacy and writes on health and social issues.

2 thoughts on “Depressed! I Want to End My Life!

  • May 25, 2016 at 3:50 pm

    Great job dear ayesha

  • May 30, 2016 at 12:41 am

    Thanks. Very well written. The parents need to see the world though the eyes of the kids but guide them with love to remain on right track based on the experience.
    Being hursh with the kids produces negative result.


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