Ramadan Transmissions – Mixed Observations

By Bushra Hassan.

The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. There are mixed feelings about how to observe it.  People have started stocking eateries for this holy month. Some are fully prepared and some are waiting for the 1st to come, get salary and do grocery. Some of us are making up our minds that we have to observe this holy month as the weather is very hot and this is going to be a tough month. While many of us bear the high priced vegetables and general items and are worried to let both ends meet and others are busy calculating the amount of Zakat.

But there is a new trend that we are witnessing from past few years and does not contain a long history in Pakistani media. Yes, I am talking about the “Ramzan Transmissions”. I am sure we are all aware of the 24/7 transmissions that run on our electronic media from 1st till the end of Ramadan. Listed down are some mixed observations made regarding such transmissions.


We witness mixture of content of these transmissions. Starting from the Sehr time, Question / Answers segment, prize distribution, games, cooking and segments like religious discussions are all part of these shows. A person we praise to be a good actor the whole year, turns out to be multi-talented containing skills to be a better host, scholar, cook and what not for this particular month.

Long Transmissions

Nobody has the time to watch lengthy transmissions. No one can leave everything and freeze in front of television and watch the transmissions being on-aired on almost all the channels but somehow these transmissions have managed to do it and have attracted many viewers on large scale.

Islamic Scholars

The healthy discussions on religious topics revive the soul of our beliefs. Islamic scholars from different sects discussing and answering to the problems of general public from religious point of views is a thumbs-up for the Ramzan Transmissions.

Question / Answer Segment

As it is a long transmission and seriously many segments are conducted to kill the time. To name a few, cooking, games, question / answers etc. are conducted. Among many useless segments, segment of question answer is comparatively better. Asking different questions related to Islam increases knowledge and people sitting at home trying to answer those questions increases their IQ level as well.

Famous Faces

Many actors and actresses are seen hosting shows for Ramadan, be it Sehr or Iftar time.  Popular and famous stars hosting a show have proved to have attracted many viewers. There is a “Let’s see who has a more popular host” competition between different channels and personally I think that they have done a pretty good job.

Mouth-Watering Iftari

Sponsored by many brands and the reason we get to listen “Har Dil Ki Pasand – Dil Pasand” and “Light Light Refreshing – Karshi Jam e Sheeri” during critical time, iftari served to the audience on different transmissions is mouth-watering. According to me, Producers should keep a check that catchy jingles are not being played at such crucial time as everyone is busy making last minute prayers. These are very disturbing and it results in people switching the channel over.


TRPs are most important for any channel. There is a competition between different channels and looks like a race that is being driven due to such transmissions for this particular month. We have witnessed the host claiming to have achieved the highest TRPs and sharing their success live on TV. Taking the name of the host or channel, telling them about their success and teasing them are strictly against our religious and moral teachings. It is supposed to be about the Holy month and not about your show getting popular. Seriously this needs to stop!


Distributing gifts for free has become a trend of every channel. Lawns, motor bikes, mobiles, plots and stuff of different brands are being distributed to the audiences participating in the show. The act is good or bad, I leave it to you but people fighting and lunging over to have all the gifts is a shame to watch. If it’s a game show, the free prizes should not be distributed. The winner should get it. Besides, what message are we delivering to the world?

A competition between different channels is generated to make their transmissions most popular. They try to add anything that can make it more attractive and can attain them more TRPs. But in this competition, what they miss is the soul that was supposed to be about Ramadan, religion and refreshing the beliefs, bringing a common person back to the right track. What we get in the end are long transmissions containing some part about Ramadan and Islamic, rest is all about attaining popularity. Do the shows like these are unable to fulfil the purpose that was supposed to be Islamic? Share your views below.

Bushra HassanThe writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry.

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