Mann Mayal Towards Interesting End

By Bushra Hassan.

After crawling with slow speed, finally Man Mayal has accelerated and some life is being seen put in the drama once again which it had in its beginning. The last couple of episodes of Man Mayal were pretty interesting as some glow and suspense was seen and appreciated too. Before that, the script seemed repeated as it was deprived “Mannu” and the same cruel husband “Mikhael” all over whereas Salahuddin yet couldn’t move on and stop himself from loving Mannu. Jeena being a desperate played her cards to attain his attention. But now the story has become interesting, the script finally moved on and the element of suspense and adventure can now be seen in the drama.

In the previous episodes, we saw that the parents of Mannu, sine the very beginning were least concerned about their daughter’s ongoing situation, the way she has been living with Mikhael since their marriage. Even after the death of Mikhael’s parents, Mannu’s parents did not even bother to dig out the reason why Mannu was so depressed and had asked them to go back to their home. But now it looks that Mannu’s parents suddenly realized that they have also married their daughter and they should at least show some concern.

They visit Mannu’s place once again but Mikhael’s behaviour and Mannu’s upset body language finally could not retain them at Mannu’s home for longer and they finally leave Mannu have her own way of living as Mikhael is the father of Mannu’s kids. Interesting scene comes when Mannu’s father calls Salahuddin for seeking some sort of help regarding  Mannu but the cleverness of Jeena who was then at Salahaddin’s place for overnight, makes him realize that it was perhaps Salahuddin’s wife on the other end who didn’t like at all talking about Mannu’s scenarios.

On the other hand, Jeena has always been very clever and attention seeking, but in the last couple of episodes, it was seen that Jeena is getting more desperate for Salahuddin with every passing day as she is trying her level best to impress Salahuddin with her actions, care and concern. Initially Salahuddin was not even noticing the prominent aims of Jeena but now he has also started realizing that Jeena has other attentions. The way Jeena tells him her personal-life stories and the behaviour of her aunt, finally makes Salahuddin to show extra care for her.

Jeena, cleverly playing her moves, finally won Salahuddin but that was not before when Jeena finally decided to take things in her own hands by interfering in Salahuddin’s life without any hesitation by staying back at Salahuddin’s home in the name of some official work, she had not let the servant in the house so that they could not take her overnight stay negatively. I mean a girl is trying so hard to impress a guy and he is so dumb to even notice her intentions. Ok! He can be dumb but not stupid.

Later it turns to be enough to convince Salahuddin for putting an engagement ring in his finger. Salahuddin’s decision to get engaged with Jeena is also very immature. He has been ignoring Jeena since from the beginning and now he commits himself to her on the basis of her inappropriate involvement in his life and showing concern by taking care of him. That’s insane, but probably that’s how it goes on in unpredictable Mann Mayal. In the meanwhile Mikhael gets Mannu out of his home along with the kids brutally without even letting Mannu to have some money with her. Mannu, having no other options, calls Jameel finally for seeking help under crucial circumstances. Jameel keeps her in Salahuddin’s home without letting him know but eventually Salahuddin comes face to face with Mannu exactly after when he was coming back after buying engagement ring for Jeena and getting committed to her.

Here, love of Mannu and Salahuddin remains the mystery as well. Inspite of being a mother of two kids, Mannu feels for Salahuddin when she sees Salahuddin and Jeena together planning and talking about their future and marriage plans, before when Salahuddin comes to know about Mannu’s presence in his own home. Mannu miss her old love and goes back to old times and revive the memories and their so called last meeting when Salahuddin was telling her that he will always be there for her whenever needed. Interesting scene comes, when right after getting engaged with Jeena, Salahuddin immediately turns to Mannu when he suddenly comes to know about all the scenarios which occurred in Mannu’s life recently.

Salahuddin decides to bring Mannu back to Mikhael on the basis of hope that things between Mannu and Mikhael might get better, but another dramatic scene comes when Mikhael divorces Mannu after getting into clash with Salahuddin. Helpless Mannu tries yet not to leave Mikhael but Salahuddin takes her to his home. Jeena realizes that after Mannu’s divorce, Salahuddin would again fall for her and she knows that Salahuddin still loves Mannu and contains place for her in his heart. She cries but Salahuddin ensures her that he won’t leave her.

In the meanwhile, Salahuddin calls Mannu’s mother to inform her that he is sending Mannu to them, not letting her know about Mannu’s divorce. Here he also comes to know that Mannu’s father has suffered from heart attack when he came to know about the real face of Mikhael and his way of treating Mannu on a phone call. Mannu’s mother also requests Salahuddin not to tell Mannu about her father. Mannu suddenly arrives and snatches cell phone from Salahuddin and tells her mother about her divorce. Right after, Mannu fells to floor and cries badly, Salahuddin then tries to handle her but she pushes him away and considers him as the reason of the divorce. Salahuddin is yet equally concerned with Mannu who is now in worst ever possible situation. It is becoming extremely difficult for Jeena to accept the fact that Salahuddin still loves Mannu all the way.

The next episodes would be interesting and would create more suspense in the ongoing situation. Upcoming last couple of episodes and the scenes would surely give maximum rise to TRPs, as it is only Mann Mayal who use to trend on Twitter on Monday. Viewers got bored with the episodes of the last month and a half as almost the same script was running again and again and found Mann Mayal extremely confusing drama. But now the viewers have got effective enough interest in this drama and they are crazy to know what will happen next and how this drama goes on.

Bushra Hassan

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