Donald Trump & his Ties with India

By M. Tahir Khan.

The US Presidential Elections have already entered into final stages. Presidential nominations from Republican and Democrats have been finalized, Donald Trump will represent Republicans and Hillary Clinton will lead the Democrats for the next Presidential Elections.

With the finalization of nominations a new debate has now started not only in Unites States but also in rest of the world as well. It’s about Donald Trump and his nomination as Republican candidate for US Presidential Elections to be scheduled in November 2016. Donald Trump is facing severe criticism not only from his opponents but also from his own party officials and party Governors. In this regard, Maryland’s Governor recently stated that I won’t vote for Trump. The world outside United States and specially Muslim World is more worried of him and his stance against Muslims living in United States and outside of US.

However, if Donald Trump wins Presidential Elections, then Pakistan’s case with him will be completely different and can be seen in a different scenario. Not in the context of Muslim World, but it has to be seen in the context of Pakistan-India relations and how Trump’s selection as US President will benefit India. There is a long history of Trump’s love for India and a short brief of Trump-India connections can be witnessed from the following details.

First of all in January this year, while giving interview on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Donald Trump expressed his opinion about India by saying that he thinks India is doing well, but the country isn’t getting the attention it deserves. He further stated that Indian and Chinese are Growing Economies in the world and he even expressed his concerns that these economies might take over the US economy.

Secondly, in March 2016 while giving a special interview to Fox News, Donald Trump remained highly favourable in the support of Indian Students living and studying in United States. He highlighted that Indian students are smart and they should not be kicked out of US as country needs talented students after graduation. While further clarifying his position, he briefed that Indian students must be enrolled in US Universities and be provided the opportunities to start their lives in the United States.

Trump Towers Pune

Third, being a real estate tycoon, Trump is always looking for expansion of his business empire and he believes that India can be a new world market for his business. Trump eyed Indian market in early 2010, however it could not be carried forward, but in 2014 he carried it forward with his plans and now his real estate group is involved in some big luxury projects in the different parts of India including Pune, Mumbai and Chennai. The group has two luxury projects in the country including 300 Apartment Projects in the heart of Mumbai and these projects to be built under the brand of Trump. While briefing the media, Donald Trump’s son Trump Junior who is also Trump Organization’s Executive Vice President, briefed the media in India that they have plans of pipelines in north and east India and they are actively looking for further projects in south as well. The value of luxury apartment in Mumbai and Pune is estimated from 2 to 2.5 Million US Dollars. Additionally, in regard to his business interests in India, last week Donald Trump has also offered the services of Private Jet to the residents of his Mumbai Trump Tower and the service of the jet will only be received against payment.

Fourth, while talking to Economic Times of India during his last trip of India in 2014, Donald Trump hailed the election of Nerandra Modi as the Prime Minister of India. He described that Money will pour into India, the perception about India has changed and the optimism is returning.

Fifth, in a radio interview, Trump quoted that he believes that Pakistan is the most dangerous country in the world and the only country that can keep check and balance over Pakistan is India.

Sixth, Trump’s all business associates in India believe that once he will be elected as President of United States, India-US relations will reach to new heights. Recently, India’s Hindu Right Wing party leaders from Shiv Sena and Hindu Army celebrated Trump’s 70th birthday with his posters, cakes and balloons.

US Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, no doubt has strong and long term affiliation with India, he thinks positive about India, believes that Indian graduates are beneficial for interests of United States and lastly he has his own personal business interests in India’s growing business market. In contrary to this, he believes that Pakistan is world’s most dangerous country and only India can check Pakistan, which would be huge problem for Pakistan and Indo-Pak relations would become more challenging for the people across the border and for the region as well.

Pakistan as a state has to figure out its already troubled relations with United States of America so that Pakistan could deal with possible future terms with US. Pakistan needs to look into its own house by appointing a full time foreign minister and fully functional foreign office to counter the keep on changing international scenarios that affect Pakistan and its citizens.

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