Mehmaan Nawaaz – A New Entertainment

By Dr. Filza Tahir.

The television game shows have entertained viewers for years from simple quiz programme to a non tournament elimination contests called THE REALITY GAME shows. Participants are filmed finishing certain tasks in a confined environment and are removed in different episodes until one person or team is left which is declared the winner. These programmes bring participants into situations and environment that they would otherwise never be a part of. In competition based Reality Shows, a notable subset, there are other common elements such as participants being eliminated, panel of judges and elimination by community.

Reality cooking show serves up some of the best viewing on television. In Pakistan such reality shows have paved the way in the hearts of audience. One example of such a shows is See TV’s MEHMAAN NAWAAZ, a cooking based reality show, the programme is being hosted by Shaista Wahdi with a panel of two judges Chef Rahat and a Turkish Chef Mariyam. This programme seems to once again enlighten the name of Shaista Wahidi in the field of media hosting.

The programme is targeted to select best Celebrity Chef. Renowned Pakistani celebrities are invited in the shows in a group of four and a competition of cooking is being held between them, each participant has to prepare Iftaar Dinner in Mezban Khana with the help of two co hosts NAJIA BAIG and ALI. The task is to be finished within the time limit by hosting and entertaining other three participants with food and presentation with good hosting manners. All these parameters are judged by judges and audience in the studio. Out of 100 marks, 40 marks are being awarded by two judges and audience and the remaining 60 marks are given by the co participants in Rae Khana with an oath. One participant out of four achieving the highest score is declared the winner of that group and will be recommended for the semi final.

Three groups have performed up till now and fourth group is on the way. The winner in group A is Atiqa Odho, in group B the winner is Ayub Khoso and in Group C the winner is Javed Sheikh and in group D Sanam Saeed. The winner of each group will perform in semi finals and the final will decide the best Celebrity Chef.

This programme unlike other quiz programmes run by various television channels in Ramadan has opened the gate to an indulging and constructive entertainment in the HOLY MONTH OF RAMADAN. We get the joy of watching chefs at war with each other and all the back stabbing and ego mania that goes with it and we get their innovative solutions to challenges plus final creations are much more mouth watering.  At the end we get our cooking and presentation faults highlighted.

Finally, it’s a better entertainment to watch in the month of Ramadan.

Writer is a Pharmacist based in Islamabad and writes on health and social issues.

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