Crisis State

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

With least ifs and buts; Nuclear Pakistan ostensibly a withering Pakistan – a backbreaking repugnant  latest upsurge of terror substantiate the state of Pakistan – A Crisis State. A seventy years old “Land of Pures” some endorse as the “motherland” suffering the rhetoric of terminal decline, tag along with social, economic, diplomatic and political degeneration. Ridiculously, ever since the country bears upon a charge of a sovereign state is not able to determine the fundamental structure of government and the preferential priorities to run the state of affairs soberly.

Sometimes country’s bread and butter transported through SEATO-CENTO, sometimes overseas aid fortunate frail Pakistani economy during the Afghan war at the cost of  endangered country’s foreign relation even with neighbourhood at the behest of its American masters, sometimes aid extended at the brink of bankruptcy after concrete assurance to the “Uncle Sam” as frontline ally in war on terror and now Pakistan is in China’s straitjacket– thanks to geopolitical changes. The point to ponder is!!! how long a state of affair could enjoy  free riding??? Disastrously, it remains the “dilemma of Pakistan” that the country’s baby-kissers run the state purely on cheaply made shortcuts and does not feel the need of urgency to establish and arrange the long term sustainable economic operandi to improve the social standards of the people of Pakistan as well as  safeguard the prospect national interests together with smashing the precedence of excessive reliance on overseas aid. Yet, why do they care more than the completion of five years to preserve their own vested benefits?

Even though, fighting a decade-long overpriced American war against terror, Pakistan designated an unworthy ally. The entire international community has made the narrative that Pakistan has not done enough and there is a lot more to do in order to get the international reputation back. Certainly, these are the misguided policies we made now reflecting our ugly face at international level and Pakistan has been striving hard to buzz off the era of ill-favored past.

Right through the past three years of  current government’s sluggish administrative patterns and the kind of politics they set forth discrowned trembling democracy in a country with monocracy that has resulted in the less believe and the sense of vivid despondency among the vast majority of Pakistanis in unfit and self-exiled politicians. Undeniably, the country getting along a serious  political crisis due to the fact that leadership goes completely missing to combat the growing challenges and threats internally and externally since issues are attempted to resolve through prompt tweets. Institutional performance and efficacy all around the state become obsolete, more shocking trends mushrooming briskly at the “Land of Pures” in recent past that perhaps raise the intense manifold implications for the future of Pakistan.

Although, it is said to believe that there is a greater coherence between efficient good governance, the rule of law and transparency that further driven to the transparent political culture, sustainable economic growth and the formulation of inevitable society. However, the current indicators show the rise of corruption nuisance that leaves devastating ripples effects on the country’s growth and development. In addition to corruption, poor governance in Pakistan is another irritating issue that has come into discussion underlying problems of food security, water depletion, environmental degradation, energy security, exploding unemployed population and much more, awkwardly Pakistan has short-sighted among world’s top ten most water-stressed nations, indeed it is disturbing for a country whose proportionate reliance directly or indirectly on agriculture-based products also the largest source of foreign exchange earnings, India and Bangladesh both none of them.

Despite the so-called constitutional Laws and legislation, the bizarre act of honour killing appears with  a new scope of young girls burning at the stake over the allegations of love affairs and illicit relationships, surprisingly these heinous transgressions are not carried out in the remote areas  but within the close radius of major cities of Pakistan. According to the human rights commission of Pakistan, reported cases of honour killings in Pakistan increased between the two years period of 2014 to 2016. In conjunction with, the values of freedom are being targeted with the fresh drift of killing and abduction of those who have been known for their work of love and peace.

Over the period of time, the sense of identity crisis in Pakistan has heightened. The country over and above starkly divided into the ethnic, religious and sectarian delineations that perhaps the most intense and alarming divide created a rift among people of Pakistan and to provide great chances to those extremist elements to menace the peace and stability in the country. This kind of segregation remains the fundamental obstacle in the way forward of the harmonious social environment. However, being a nation, these growing trends puts us in the extraordinary situation. It is not possible for any country to achieve its political, economic, diplomatic and cultural goals and ambitions under such circumstances.

Hence, Pakistan has been experiencing exceptional political crisis, profound economic instability, and diplomatic failure to the extent of detonated relationship with our neighborhood together with the serious internal and external security threats. Yet in these odd days, it will be the formidable challenge of survival to make a political, economic and diplomatic success by containing the past and previous baggage and face damage control which requires seriousness rational decision making, fine diplomacy and at above all the political stakeholders in the country to disregard their political aims and to promote national interest otherwise the future of Pakistan is so obvious to foresee.

Sarfraz Rana

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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