Emotional and Attracting – Our Advertising Way Up High

By Bushra Hassan.

People in Pakistan usually talk about the revival of Pakistani film industry or drama industry. No doubt Pakistani industry is now doing wonders when it comes to dramas and films. Breaking the boundaries of all the prototypes, our industry is touching and highlighting the topics that Pakistani industry has been facing since beginning. But the breaks that interrupt our fun time cannot be ignored as well. We all used to switch channels and did not like watching advertisements. They were boring and also our advertising industry was not producing ads that would kill time. But now things have changed and many brands have launched their campaigns that are fabulously executed specially for the holy month of Ramzan.

Ramzan comes around the corner and we see our regular media becomes holy with long Ramzan transmissions, dramas having the essence of Ramzan and advertisements too make a brand most wanted by portraying in a way that it automatically increases the consumer need of it.

This year, in my opinion, advertisements made are way better and we can see our advertising industry growing every day. We have all praised the Indian ads of some telco or furniture as they carry a great idea and are fun to watch and thinking when will our industry make such ads that will not let us switch our channels. But hey guys, this is done this year. I, while watching TV, do not switch channel and do not get irritated. I am sure these eye catching advertisements have spelled you as well.

Well, this year when Ramzan came, every brand tried to link their brand to it. Many brands did a successful attempt and tried to change the behaviour of people by giving them a message. Every successful campaign needs a big idea and this year apart from different ideas, two major themes that became the spot light of different brands were “mother” and “to remember poor people”.

Mother, the most precious relation of our life, she wakes up early to prepare Sehri and for Iftari she has to stand in kitchen even in this extreme weather. So to target our emotions, many brands went for the emotional approach by making mothers as their central idea for this year’s Ramzan advertisements.

What sells in advertising is the main idea and people buy what touches their heart. The two topics contain both a great idea and Pakistanis being emotional by nature buy whatever they can relate themselves with.

According to me, Rafhan’s Ramzan ad was the best in prior. We can totally relate our home scenarios to it. Our mothers, worried for her family, prepares food for Sehri and Iftari but we all fail to appreciate her and are blind enough to notice that she ran herself out of time to eat anything. A young girl, in this ad, saw her mother not eating anything except a date and the next day she also observed fast with only a date and a glass of water like her mother.

“Aao Baant Lein Ham – Maza Har Lamhay Ka” by Coca Cola combined with a catchy jingle was a complete package, “Maa k Hathon Ka Pyar – Tang” and Mezaan Oil also followed the same approach.  Emotional heart touching TVCs are being appreciated by general public that people are totally relating themselves with.

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Second, the basics of Ramzan, that even our religion teaches us to observe is to help the needy and remember financially unhealthy people. Muslims across the world try to help the needy in this holy month by buying basic food items or they gift them clothes for Eid or if not they try to help them through their Zakat. In short, no one is left behind starving or deprived from the basic necessities that our other social classes are lucky enough to have.

To help the poor has always been taught to us since we were little kids. To look after the poor we know in our neighbourhood or to help people who work at our home / offices should be our prime motive. To see that people are getting the basic necessities in Ramzan or people are starving when you are eating your tummies full. The basic soul of Ramzan is met when all the Muslims observe fast and are treated equally. Similarly our TV Commercials tell and give the same message to help people in different ways. Many brands including Jazz, Milk Pack, Ufone’s Wall of Kindness TVC and Surf Excel, they all have focused the main idea to help the poor so that no person based on their financial health is left deprived.

These ideas can be seen practically implemented and people are actually trying to help. Another example that is seen practically being implemented is “Wall of Kindness”. Only being an idea before, this wall can now be witnessed full of clothes at many places within the country.

One TVC that does not carry any of these themes or an emotional big idea but is a fun to watch and can be watched a thousand times during break when our drama or program is being interrupted. Having a catch line of “some traditions are forever” has a tempting series of different eateries that are been shown through different angels which make it even more fun to watch.

Different brands linked the Holy Month and tried to attract as many consumers as they can by changing their behaviour and practically forcing them to buy their products. Targeting and focusing the emotional themes proved to be a success as we can now see people talking about splendid execution of commercials with a cup of tea holding in their hands at Iftar Parties.

Bushra Hassan

The writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry. She can be reached at:

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