Great Diplomatic Fiasco

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

Pakistan has carried through another diplomatic blowback with the steadfast opposition of Ted Poe an American Congressman to increase the U.S. aid to Pakistan is a current addition to the sequence of diplomatic disasters of Pakistan. After the outrageous refusal to hand over previously committed Lockheed Martin F-16 perhaps to cheer New Delhi,  yet again the congressman has called upon in his derogatory remarks that “Pakistan cannot be trusted anymore” is unjustified to those more than 60,000 souls who compromised their lives in U.S. declared “war on terror”.  Although another U.S. delegation attempted to compensate aftermath the collapse of F-16 agreement and the Ted-Poe’s hard-nosed opposition to laud the efforts of Pakistan in the war on terror. The relations between U.S. and Pakistan inheritably remained intense to understand followed, U.S. policy of ambiguity, to slap on the face and to tap on the back simultaneously by demanding for the moon.

Dilemma of state right from the beginning;  Pakistan’s pseudo foreign policy experts long remain in the state of bliss called upon each foreign policy fiasco a diplomatic success. Pakistan’s senior foreign policy advisor pleaded the accomplishment of diplomatic success to prevent Indian bid for Nuclear supplier club, though despite the tireless efforts of Pakistan, If not NSG but India has made its entry into the Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR) – 35 nations group that certainly will enable India to buy high-end missile technology and also enhance its joint ventures, at above it will enable India to keep promoting its case in order to achieve its prime interest. So if it is the case which diplomatic success Pakistan is celebrating for?

Continuity of diplomatic disaster worsened Pakistan’s relation with Afghanistan which gives birth to new Indo-Afghan close working partnerships also allows India to increase its presence in every length and breadth of Afghanistan to jeopardise Pakistan’s national security and interests in the region. However, Pakistan – Afghanistan exchange of culture and love turns to the regular cross-border exchange of fire indicates the widespread sense of hatred mushrooming in the hearts of Afghan people, as a result, Pakistan is being welcomed the most disliked nation in Afghanistan. Instantly, the geostrategic environment becomes more complex for Pakistan puzzled between eastern and western borders. It’s been unconvinced whether Pakistan has ever taken a “strategic depth” in Afghanistan or not, but unquestionably Afghanistan must be enjoying a strategic advantage in Pakistan carry out through various adventures at the cost of Pakistan’s national interest and security. Not just that, Afghanistan let other states and non-state elements play in order to jeopardise the security of the Pakistan.  Recent Torkham border crisis holds several army and civilian causalities signals aggravated bilateral relations between the two neighbouring countries. It was indeed a diplomatic job to get done what the country suffering now due to the crisis of foreign policy in Pakistan to set a robust agenda in their pursued of interest.

Modi’s growing romanticism with Iran is another quantum leap to the regional insulation of Pakistan, Yet Pakistan’s diplomats beating around the bush merely caught up in the euphoria of so-called foreign policies accomplishments  which even does not exist on the face of the earth. For instance, Sirtaj Aziz, an experienced Pakistani diplomat and foreign policy advisor made the ridiculous comment that former Pakistani envoy currently living in the United States thwarted Pakistan’s diplomatic efforts by influencing American Policies, well if an individual, single handily manage to lobby against Pakistan while entire state becomes helpless to install diplomatic counter-narrative to invalidate his persuade that overtly revealed the loopholes and weaknesses in the overall Pakistan’s foreign policy structure and the equal share of incompetence of foreign policy makers.

It is a matter of fact; Pakistan still does not have clear foreign policy perspective to pursue. On the other hand, India has been making new engagements, more alliances, pursue the policy of friendship and cooperation by lessening foes at regional as well as international level even become the sole U.S. strategic partner in the region. Whereas Pakistan has as of now more foes than friends. We are unable to determine the best strategy to play pragmatically and sucked in between good and bad. After so much of past and previous experiences, we might not have learnt anything or do not want to learn anything from the past due to self-indulgent Pakistani diplomats who sitting abroad seeks their personal relations in order to make their future stay in those countries instead protecting the interest of the state. Our unwise foreign policy is serving the vested interest of powerful individuals in the country rather serving the national interest that put Pakistan an awkward situation left with least diplomatic options to pursue.

Sarfraz Rana

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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