The Messiah Rules

By Marwa Mehboob.

Abdul Sattar Edhi,  the name holds every sphere of life who served the humanity  regardless of divisions. In other words, you do not have to be a Muslim in order to experience the loving closeness of the Compassionate One! Edhi, a human being who was lovingly devoted to serving the Creator and His creation , now on his final journey to enter the heavenly abode.

I find myself in absolute aroma of a personality whose life is a perfect example of a Messiah who sacrificed his own being by putting others first and thus finding the truest form of happiness. His soul was a true depiction of harmony and comfort for the have nots.  Although I may not be able to pay my tribute to the legend as Abdul Sattar Edhi Sahab was. But ways to go about displaying my love for him and his proponents, I have chosen this particular article as an opportunity to do so.

Abdul Sattar Edhi selflessly devoted his life succoring the poorest and needy people. Serving people regardless of nationality, suffering through poverty, deprivation and asking no benefit except the knowledge of doing Allah’s will. Edhi Sb was a beloved figure to millions and a trusted counselor to many leaders and celebrities worldwide.

The start of Edhi Sb’s first interaction with human suffering happened at a very early age of eleven when his mother suffered from mental illness. Her death left a lasting impression on his life. After his mother’s death his family settled in Karachi where he had minimal resources. But as they say, when you speak with honesty, think with sincerity, act with integrity the right person always ends up finding a right direction. Not every human is blessed with the sense to help the deserving people and that too when you have zero resources. A person who started his venture to serve the humanity with only 5000 rupees in his hands to acquire an ambulance and by literally begging for money just to assure his devotion and sincerity for the humanity. This was the sincerity that mounted the level of a blind trust resulting in the collection of funds coming from every known and unknown. He developed institutions, schools for poor children, homeless orphans that became a model for his ministration the world over.

It won’t be an exaggerated statement if we name this era with Edhism. The era which beholds the concept of working with the poor, living with poor and above all celebrating the modern age that titled him “A Richest Poor Man”.

Today, when the soul of this Richest Poor Man has departed from the world we must try to ensure that the legacy that he has left behind carries on forever and ever. Another important thing, Edhi Sahib’s Funeral is given gun carriage or carriage on wheels. It’s a military tradition of state funerals inherited from British Royal Artillery which carried coffin of Late Queen Victoria. In Pakistan this tradition is only being done for 3rd time, 1st such funeral being the Quaid e Azam’s, 2nd was General Zia ul Haq’s Funeral which was also given Gun Carriage. It is for head of state dying while in chair or exceptional case of National Hero like Abdul Sattar Eidhi.

Edhi’s case is perhaps similar to Iqbal’s. When the West, appeared divided whether to award ‘Nobel’ to Iqbal, a German scholar remarked:

“Its insulting, for Iqbal, to be given, Nobel prize. In fact, Nobel may be given “Iqbal award”.

I feel, the German scholar’s sentence, holds good in case of Edhi, too.

Marwah Mehboob writes on social and political issues and is a media analyst. She can be reached at Twitter; @marwahmehboob

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