Erdogan refuses to rule out death penalty

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan refuses to rule out death penalty for the thousand of military officials arrested on the failed coup attempt on last Friday.

Turkish President while giving his first exclusive television interview to CNN’s Becky Anderson described that there is clear treason charge against all those who were arrested after Friday’s failed coup. While replying to a question, Erdogan responded by saying that its parliament that will choose its way of action and i have to accept it as a President and will approve it as well. Erdogan also raised question “Why he should feed all those charged of treason for many years to come in prison? President Erdogan further quoted that people of Turkey who lost their relatives, children, neighbors want swift end to it.

However, with the resumption of capital punishment in Turkey, it won’t be able to join European Union. In year 2004 Turkey in an effort to join European Union abolished the punishment.

President Erdogan further added that they want the extradition of Turkish Cleric Fethullah Gulen, who is in self exile in United States, and a formal request for his extradition will be submitted within days. Earlier Fethullah Gulen was blamed for the failed coup attempt.

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