Owais Shah Recovered – Another Achievement of LEAs

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Security Forces and Intelligence Agencies have achieved yet another landmark by recovering abducted son of Chief Justice Sindh High Court who was being kidnapped on 20th June from Karachi after when he left from a Super Store. The back to back incidents of Owais Shah’s abduction and Amjad Fareed Sabri’s murder in daylight, raised a lot of questions on overall law and order situation of the city. There is absolutely no doubt that overall security situation of the city has improved a lot particularly in last two years, but high profile cases always put atleast faded question marks on the performance of security forces and law enforcement agencies.

The kidnapping of Owais Shah has yet again made all the concerned authorities to sit together and to abstract all the possible means to recover Owais Shah. Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Shareef himself called Chief Justice Sindh High Court Sajjad Ali Shah and made him sure that security forces along with the cooperation of Intelligence Agencies, will definitely rescue his son and will execute the involved culprits. Raheel Shareef had vowed to monitor the case himself and he kept in contact with Director General ISPR Lt. General Asim Saleem Bajwa about the case proceedings.

After the dedicated efforts lasting for about a month, Owais Shah was finally rescued from the custody of terrorists during an operation near Tank earlier on Tuesday morning. The team was put together by Director General Inter Services Intelligence, Lt. General Rizwan Akhtar. It is said that terrorists were about to take Owais Shah to Afghanistan via North Waziristan, but in-time operation didn’t let that happen and three terrorists got killed by Military Sniper Shooters. According to DG ISPR Lt. General Asim Saleem Bajwa, Army Chief General Raheel Sharif has commended the efforts of intelligence agencies and security forces for successful operation.

Chief Justice Sindh High Court Sajjad Ali Shah while talking to media after the recovery of his son said that General Raheel Shareef called him around 3:00 AM and informed him that the team has recovered his son from KPK’s area of Tank and Owais Shah is completely fine, safe and healthy. Upon Sajjad Ali Shah’s request, Army Chief General Raheel Shareef also made it happen to have Owais Shah talk to his father within an hour. Sajjad Ali Shah told the media that an aircraft was arranged through which Owais Shah was shifted to Karachi from Tank, before moving him to his residence in Director Rangers Sindh, Major General Bilal Akbar’s official vehicle.

Owais Shah could not tell anything about kidnappers and terrorists about their appearance, outfits, etc. Sajjad Ali Shah praised the efforts of COAS General Raheel Shareef, Security Forces and Intelligence Agencies. He said that Army Chief was himself monitoring the situation since the abduction of Owais Shah. In an answer to a question, he said that Army is a part of Federal Government and any achievement of Army is also the achievement of government as well. During the media talk, Owais Shah was out there but didn’t talk to journalists.

Prime Minister Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has also expressed satisfaction and relief over the recovery of Owais Shah and congratulated Sajjad Ali Shah on his son’s safe recovery. A lot of other high profile people including Governor Sindh, Chief Justice Lahore High Court and Inspector General Sindh have extended their well wishes as well and congratulated Sajjad Ali Shah and Owais Shah.

High profile kidnappings and murders have always been a very serious concern for the state. Terrorists plan to kill or kidnap high profile people to exert pressure on state and government and try to create environment of fear within the region. In the recent past since the wave of terrorism has struck Pakistan, we have witnessed such kind of incidents on numerous occasions. Suicide bombing, target killing and kidnapping disturb the society to maximum and almost get successful in pointing out the credibility of Law Enforcement Agencies.

Shahbaz Taseer, son of former Governor Punjab, Late Salman Taseer, and Ali Gillani, son of former Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gillani are also the recent examples of high profile kidnappings. Shahbaz Taseer himself managed to escape the captivity whereas Ali Gillani was recovered in a joint United States-Afghanistan Forces’ operation in the neighbouring country. Both the abducted persons, after being kidnapped, were shifted first to tribal areas and then to Afghanistan.

Apart from all these kidnappings and recoveries of abducted individuals, one thing to be notified is the political involvement behind all these incidents. Yes, its political involvement that cannot be and should not be sidelined anyhow. We know about our political system that how the militant wings are operated for political interests across the country, particularly in Sindh and then in Karachi. The strong and justified stance of judiciary over the famous Dr. Asim Hussain’s case could have might lead to the ultimate kidnapping of not Owais Shah, but the son of Sindh High Court’s Chief Justice, as a revenge, we can term. Similarly, the roots of Amjad Fareed Sabri’s murder lead to the political conflict between two parties, with one of them is an extracted group of the other party.

There is absolutely no doubt on the role of Army, Rangers, Security Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies for bringing back peace in the region, but what needs to be done on priority basis in that region is to execute the militant wings of political parties before the terrorists. Formation of militant groups within the political parties has always proved to be more harmful which immediately needs to be eradicated from our system.

Obaid ur Rehman

The writer is Islamabad based Journalist and a Research Analyst.
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