Chapal Kabab at Afghani Restaurant

PHOTO: Raja Akhtar.

The photo was taken by Raja Akhtar at Afghani Restaurant, London, United Kingdom.

Chapli Kabab originally part of Afghani cuisine and it is an integral part of Afghan and traditional Pushtoon culture in Afghanistan and some of the areas of Pakistan’s province Khaber Phakhtunkhawa.

Chapli Kabab made from beef mince and sometimes with chicken mince is regarded as one of the popular dish in the Pushtoon regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan. The word Chapli Kabab was derived from Pushto word Chaprikh which means flat and originates from Mardan, Kharber Pakhtonkhawa, Pakistan.

Chapli Kabab’s are usually served with Chatni and Afghani Nans and it is also getting popular in different parts of the world including England and Europe as well.

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