Famous Fashion Trends of 2016

By Bushra Hassan.

Fashion Industry being a victim of changes and what was in demand one day is considered out of fashion or “Paindu” as we term it. Being updated and to follow the latest fashion is the demand of our Fashion Industry. This year fashion has again taken a 360 degree rotation thus making us all change the style of clothes we bought last year or resulting to give it away. If you are still unaware of the latest trends, we have mentioned below a list of new trends that can be followed for some upcoming wedding events or Eid.

Ear Cuffs

Being in the list of MUST HAVES, Ear Cuffs have been used by many in Pakistan now and are considered a latest trend by many girls which proved to be an impressive fashion accessory.

Peplum Tops

Peplum Tops are now common and are a new trend which can be witnessed in many weddings. A trend followed in 1970s is back in fashion. This year, we saw the rise in Peplum Tops and Sleeves thus giving an older trend a new look. The Peplum Tops have been introduced into Fashion Industry with slight flared strip of fabric, attached at the waist of a woman’s blouse, jacket, dress or skirt.

The women of our fashion industry have embraced these trends gracefully and showed them off on stage. Also shirts might have gotten shorter with varieties of hemlines, new kinds of shirt buttons, laces, nets, frills, tassels, but this stuff with latest modifications has truly enhanced Pakistan’s Fashion Industry’s trends. Young girls are also wearing Peplum tops for weddings as it was only a joke that we have all heard when it was not a part of the latest fashion.

Tulip Pants

There was a time when Shalwars went to back seat and was replaced by Straight Pants, Palazzos, Flappers and Cigarette Pants as these styles were considered stylish and were considered latest fashion, automatically increasing the demand. However, these old shalwars have finally found a creative way to make a strong comeback in Fashion Industry with a name Tulip Pants. Tulip Pants, since their introduction in the market, have been going on top of fashion trends for summers and we can say that apparently its seems that Tulip Pants will not be replaced by any other trend easily.

A little bit different from shalwars, Tulip Pants more or less have been designed with the same pattern as that of shalwar. Tulip Pants are loose from the top and tapering at the bottom. As compared to shalwar, tulip pants are a bit less heavy. It is the design and cuts of tulip pants that actually make it a little different than shalwar, a reason why we can say that shalwars have ultimately found a way to keep themselves up and high in the Fashion Market.  It does not matter if you are bulky or skinny. Designed to fit any body shape, tulip pants can enhance the personality when worn with straight kurtas or short shirts.Tulip pants present a classy look and elegance. Initially the Tulip Pants were in plain white color, but as the trend has moved on, we now see various colours, prints and embroidery being used on tulip pants, thus giving an extremely cool appearance for summer season.

Organza Wraps

Organza being a “Naani Daadi” fashion and drape, is not a part of our fashion trends, but obviously in a more creative and modified manner, being named as Organza Wraps. Thin layer of the fabric with multiple ways to wrap it around you along with various designs and colours make it a perfect combination with any of the summer wear. The trend was seen earlier this year but no one expected it to be popular and to become a part of latest trends in no time. Every elegant lady is seen to be wearing / wrapping it to look more beautiful. The soft fabric of Organza Wraps brings glamour in one’s personality the minute it is donned on.

Boot-Cut Pants

There was a time when people used to wear Bell Bottom pants and jeans, but was soon replaced by skinny jeans. We know that a lot of old fashion trends have been molded into a creative way to give them a new look and to make them more attractive, thus giving them a complete new look. The organized structure of jeans or pants being with the skinny and tight from the top and lose from the bottom, make Boot-Cut Pants pretty much attractive. It can be worn mostly with the short shirts which look more eye-catching and fashionable.

Fashion that was followed by our elder generation is now back in the list of latest trends. Giving them a new creative look has made it more elegant and attractive. So if you have a Naani and Daadi, request them to open their suit case or Baqsa to be more specific and get them in use again.

Bushra Hassan

The writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry.

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