Indian Naked Power & Ocean of Tears

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

There is a need to have an insight and perspective of protracted Kashmir crisis which hampered massively the well-being of a large chunk of the SAARC population those who already living precariously barely managing a one-time meal a day. Arguably, Kashmir Crisis is the first and the last stumbling block between the twin countries that born at one birth, yet keep battling to dodge and destroy each other at the cost of regional peace and prosperity.

Long-simmering Kashmir dispute so far become largely evident of unjust Indian atrocities in highly militarized Indian occupied Kashmir that continues to date shows the real glorification of the so-called world largest democracy of the world, in an Indian renowned politician and former diplomat, Shashi Tharoor’s words “It is Safer to be a Cow than a Muslim in India”. No denying the fact of Kashmir is an established “Unimplemented Resolution” of the United Nations which over and over again reminds the civilised nations of the world that UN has the obsolete authority to exercise its powers to resolve the most censorious conflicts of the world those may have potential to disturb the international order. The Skyscraper of UN secretariat in New York has nothing more than a symbolic building of 39 stories that has been unsuccessful to achieve its agenda of maintaining peace through uniting the nations even address the most worrisome conflicts of the world including Kashmir, its resolutions should not have taken seriously more than a piece of paper.

The uninterrupted failure of UN to maintain peace and justice accredits unarmed civilian people to adopt violent fashions to protect their fundamental rights by their own across the world. Just as, unresolved UN resolutions number “47” bring about Kashmiri people to pick the AK-47 to fight for their birth right to freedom subsequential UN failure.  The braved long history of seventy years, the Kashmiri people had never accepted an Indian authority less than a freedom in disputed valley, despite some power brokers who worth not more than a puppet in an Indian federation whose strings solely controlled by the New Delhi. Does the current Chief Minister Mebooba Mufti have this much of authority to release its chief ministerial orders to law enforcements agencies in Kashmir to stop immediately the use of brutal force against unarmed people of Kashmir??? Answer is definite!!!

Whatever the consequences would have but law enforcement agencies remains loyal to the state of India since they are working on Indian payroll not to protect the interest of Kashmiri people. The Post-Wani interlude has made the one thing vividly distinguished that neither India hasreckoned Kashmiri people to its citizen nor Kashmiris want to integrate into the larger part of the Indian Union.

The Valley which famously known “Paradise on the Earth” for its alluring landscape turns a place call “Hell on the Earth” due to the perpetual agony, torture, fake encounters, mass graves, disappearances, extra-judicial killings, rapes and sexual violence becomes standard practice by the Indian forces in the valley under the security shield of “Armed Forces Special Power Acts” (AFSPA) this largely being criticised by human rights organizations as the black law that enables security personnel to go to any extent of barbarism and it’s being excessively used well against unarmed people of Kashmir by the Indian forces hand in hand.

There have been several reliable documentaries virtually available to provide enough evidence to the world to validate Indian extended atrocities and the serious violations of human rights in Kashmir but the “Ocean of Tears” in which victims and eye witnesses reveal about the horrible night of Kashmiri women of all ages being gang raped by the Indian forces amidst a search operation in village Kunan Poshpora occurred on 1991. “Ocean of Tears” despite the fact, demands impartial justice.

“Fanatic India” and its quest for the permanent membership of security council, uphold such a poor record of human rights leaves no space to the global society to understand the Indian hysterical aspirations and its all-weather tested dual face. As far as Indian hypocrisy has concerned, India always advocates an argument of the accession of Kashmir to India by the ruler of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh, if it’s the scenario, then how do India would justify in “Nizam of Hyderabad’s” case? when right after the partition, Nizam of Hyderabad Mir Osman Ali Khan had firmly declined the option of acceding to India and decided to keep Hyderabad independent, all had what happened subsequently, an Indian Army marched into Hyderabad in September 1948 by violating the “right of accession”, disposed the Nizam and annexed the Hyderabad into the Indian Union by force under the Polo operation. Let’s just take an instance of Maharaja Hari Singh’s annexation is right then why did India has not respected the will of Nizam of Hyderabad??? India claims that the vast majority in Hyderabad was of the Hindus which become the reason to interfere in Hyderabad, so wasn’t the similar scenario exert in Kashmir’s perspective? A big contradiction is in the place of Indian stance to prove any of them right.

Within India, Many voices raised to endorse Kashmiri People and their right to freedom. Suzanna Arundhati Roy is an Indian author and political activist who is best known for her novel The God of Small Things, said that Indian claims about Kashmir territory not being an integral part of India was a call for justice in the disputed region. Soon after her remarks over Kashmir, she faced arrest and this story had covered by “The Guardian” by then. In another case, Nivedita Menon feminist writer and professor of political thought at Jawaharlal Nehru University viewed, “everybody knows that Indian occupation on Kashmir is illegal”.

India has along history of playing hooky when it comes to negotiating outstanding matters of the two countries, especially when the Kashmir is on the agenda. India always used the tactics to running away to conduct already accepted plebiscite by each side under the peacekeeping forces of UN. The same practice had been followed once again amidst SAARC meeting by this Thursday at Islamabad when Pakistani interior minister Ch Nisar Ali Khan started teaching a lesson in his candid style to his Indian counterpart Rajnath Singh to respect civil liberties in Kashmir rand stressed that legitimate freedom struggles should not be suppressed in the name of the fight against terrorism, Rajnath abruptly chooses to run away halfway of the meeting just to repeat the past practice of running away when showed the mirror. India must learn something from its own constitution which guarantees civil liberties for all the citizens. Does India practice its constitution in Kashmir too?

The radical state of Kashmir simmering once again, Kashmir has put under a dawn to a dusk curfew from last  30 days, 80 more lives added to the long list of Kashmiri martyrs and tens of thousands of injured with lethal pellet guns, some lost their eye sight in the current wave of uprising in the valley.  The operations continued for a long time that has resulted over time have been believed to be around 80,000 Kashmiri have died over this chaotic struggle, women and children have become victim to this unjustified war more than 60,000 women have become widows and few are termed to be half widows, many children have become orphan and their future is quite grave under Indian occupation.

Kashmiri feel insecure in this state of immense barbarism and viciousness, a student naming Khalid Hussain from “Jawahar lal Nehru University, Delhi” befittingly explicated the post Burhan Wani situation that “Wani was not scared of death but he was scared of life in Indian-occupied Kashmir” even beyond the Burhan every single Kashmiri preferred to embrace death instead to live under Indian occupation in Kashmir. Yet, all these Indian brutalities and Naked use of force against Kashmiri people have not made a minute shift in the heroism and they are still as stead fast as ever to get “Azadi” (freedom) even the rhetoric is catching up more diligence and tenacity over time. It was one “Burhan” who trembled the whole state and much more has yet to come. Kashmiri people once again manifested that their audacity is still alive even after the seventy years of oppression. Not sure about the time numbers but these valued sacrifices have to pay off in anyway.

Sarfraz RanaThe writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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