14th August – Independence Day of Pakistan

PHOTOS: Ifrahim.

14th August, the Independence Day of Pakistan is just round the corner, but the complete nation has already entered into preparation phase to celebrate 69th Independence Day of Pakistan.

All major cities and surrounding towns give a unique look, we can find out shops and stalls selling flags, masks, badges, hair bands, bangles, friendship bands and many other things representing Pakistan flag and its theme. Our team took a trip of twin cities Islamabad and Rawalpindi to witness how Independence Day preparations look like and how people and kids are responding to the forthcoming event.

14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_Shopkeeper selling

A shop keeper in Islamabad is selling multiple items related to the Independence Day of Pakistan, among the hot selling items include Pakistan’s flag with different qualities and sizes, badges for displaying on shirts, friendship bands, ribbons, bangles for young girls and especially designed hairbands as well. Before the 14th August celebrations, business of selling of these items will remain active at large in all parts of Pakistan.

14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_Pakistan Badges, Flags at Shops

Different items relating to Independence Day of Pakistan are at display at a stall and will be point of attraction for all kids for the 14th August celebrations at their schools and its display at their homes as well.
14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_A kid wearing Indpendence Day Theme Glasses

A kid immediately after purchasing Independence Day theme glasses, now wearing it and enjoying his time.

14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_People standing at a stall

 Different viewing Independence Day hot selling items a stall in Islamabad.
14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_Friendship Bands

Independence Day Friendship bands featuring message I Love Pakistan, a hot selling item in Islamabad, Pakistan.

14th August - Independence Day of Pakistan_Gitars

 Independence Day unique badges featuring guitars.

Photographs by Ifrahim and can be reached at Ifi-clicks-Photography

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