Rhetoric of Independence

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

What we call it independence, it was fundamentally a partition which had taken place on 14 August 1947, but “Azaadi” Independence has yet to come.

In the month of Independence, I lasted in a hard interrogative stare, kept questioning myself back and forth. What does the Independence bottom line? People’s power, Justice, liberty, freedom, security, sovereignty and self-rule, perhaps some more attributes but the most fundamental one are so palpable to understand.

People are more poor than powerful, Justice most often delayed, Liberty and freedom are nowhere, Security became more intense and the Sovereignty is sometimes dishonored by Afghani, sometimes by Irani and often times by Hindustani (an Indian), drones and U.S consistent violations are another serious dilemma  of sovereignty of this country. Of course, they all are uninvited guests who come time and again to deteriorate the already complex situation and left us moaning and miserable. They succeed in their strategies, not due to their art of expertise but our inability to work always allow them to carry the irmalignant fashions.

As far as self-rule is concerned, we are in the age of Post-Colonialism amidst “Colonial Mental Outlook”victimised by the offspring of those who took an oath to protect British Raj. Even though, Historians had well proved in history excerpts that they remained dedicated die-hard opponents to the idea of Pakistan now they have been causing irrecoverable damage to the country’s prestige. Not surprisingly, they are the product of Offshore. Their interests are offshore, their children are offshore, their properties are offshore, their families are offshore yet they have been ruling us like no other is more patriot than them. Interestingly, in order to consolidate their interests, they exercise the matrimonial settlements within the periphery of“Power Influentials”.

Every morning starts with mourning every night ends up with fright, News of 100 people died in one spot have not made us surprise until five hundred people died. The culture of mass killings in suicide explosions has been growing beside the several joint operations underway, people are more Panic-stricken than ever and the security situation exacerbating makes the normal life difficult. Uncertainty lingered in lay man’s consciousness even the educated part of society is unsure about where the society might be heading next.

The whole world community denying Pakistan’s Part in “war on terror” which Pakistan claims “enormous sacrifices” we paid that should be respected.  It might have “War on Terror” for U.S but it certainly was a “War of Terror” which terrorised Pakistani people, For instance, a study released in early 2015 conducted by a group of international physicians’ organisations revealed around 80,000 Pakistanis killed in US ‘War on Terror, although sufferings are more than that. “War of terror”endangered our foreign relations even with our close allies; it also plays significantly to deteriorate the country’s situation.  Whenever “do or die” situation emerges Pakistan always chooses to die due to the poor selection of choices.

Story of “Independence” does not stop here but it went to the extent where Initially, rail tracks have been subject to bomb, slowly it moves to target the law enforcement roofs and walls, eventually, deadliest terror attack in Peshawar on school had taken the debate to the next level by revealing us the truth how much “Independent” we are. And now another birth from the“Womb of Terrorism ” by attacking the hospitals in the country showed us the real “Rhetoric of Independence” in the month of Azaadi.

The bottom line of independence is not just to celebrate but it is to exercise practically in our everyday life with least fears with more hopes and confidence. Independence does not mean to protect institutions and individuals separately but independence starts when you are facilitated with fully protected and peaceful environment to live your lives. What we call it independence, it was fundamentally a partition which had taken place on 14 August 1947, but “Azaadi” Independence has yet to come.

“Happy Partition day from my side to all Pakistani fellows”

Sarfraz Rana

The writer is the columnist and International relations analyst.

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