Imran Khan’s Politics – Bravery or Insanity

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Talking about Pakistan’s politics, it is pretty much crystal clear that protest, sit-ins are now not a solution to any problem anymore. Few people in a form of a group cannot pressurize government or their opposition to accept whatever they want. Probably everyone understands this fact, but PTI Chairman Imran Khan yet couldn’t understand the reality that every time calling people on roads does not resolve issues and is ultimately shaking PTI’s own political stability gradually.

Imran Khan knows very well that under the current political system, one cannot truly win the words unless you are not a part of the government. But inspite of that, Imran Khan never hesitates to call for protest or march. What should we name it, either bravery or insanity too. Let me elaborate the recent problems which Imran Khan had faced. Imran Khan tried his level best in his 126 days of sit-in to pressurize Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef to resign for conducting and getting elected through rigged elections, but nothing happened. It was Imran Khan who got a way out when he had to call off the sit-in protests after APS Incident and he had a sigh of relief.

Then we have seen the performances of PTI on various occasions. Bi-Elections, Local Bodies Elections, party’s inner controversies, everywhere we have seen only Imran Khan suffering and getting worried for party’s reputation. There is nothing bad in it if you challenge ruling government for some odd, but my point is you can only justify your opposing activities once you are done with your own infrastructural and organizational problems.

There was a time when Imran Khan’s followers used to second their leader’s call and come out on roads with the complete belief and faith in Imran Khan, but now they do ask that what PTI has done so far in these 3 years. People do ask questions that why is there always a defeat in PTI’s side in Bi-Elections and Local Bodies Elections. When will PTI conduct Intra-Party Elections for which they always claim for. These are the aspects that make PTI worth questionable. Obviously being the third largest party, PTI has to govern and play the role sensible opposition in National Assembly. But sometimes, you have to keep going with the current flow because a little bit of undesired move, that too in those consequences when you are struggling for your own political stability, ultimately causes disadvantages to your own side. This is exactly what is happening with Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf for now.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf wants to protest countrywide for Panama Papers’ issue. Ok, Imran Khan XI should go for it being an opposition party, but the question arises, is that enough, or will Joint Opposition would really become successful for what they want. The answer is crystal clear. We are well aware enough that PMLN has got its own machinery through which they govern the state matters and they won’t ever let any party to succeed in pressurizing Nawaz Shareef. The best prominent example is ToR’s Committee which was a total wastage of time and money. This is how current government keeps on tackling such matters and gets successful to prolong any ongoing matter. If any issue reaches towards its destination, then the results come similar to that Judicial Inquiry Commission. This is what happens in Pakistan when you come out on roads and protest and demand for justice. Such acts must be criticized at every cost and its moral duty of a patriot Pakistan to raise voice against corruption and mismanagement.

But the point is that if this is to happen every time, then isn’t it better to give proper direction to your own politics. Imran Khan and other senior leadership of PTI must need to understand and realize that in these three years, instead of obtaining, they have lost a lot, in comparison. Imran Khan talks about educated people being his supporters, but yet Imran Khan couldn’t conquer Karachi even where there are a lot of literate people. It’s just because of PTI’s poor politics and getting involved into something that they themselves once used to criticize. Shaking hands with none other than but MQM for Mayor-ship Elections is something that really raises question marks on the credibility of PTI and on its political morality as well.

Jamat-e-Islami is PTI’s political ally in KPK, but in the recent Bi-Elections in Jehlum, JI supported PMLN instead of supporting PTI. This is something for Imran Khan to worry about that now his allies are even stepping away from him because of his immature policies. There are a lot of PTI’s Provincial Ministers in KPK and other workers who are making alliance against PTI for Imran Khan’s injustice towards them. The Rights and Lefts of Imran Khan are also having a lot of question marks on their own credibility and political reputation, thus making Khan’s political personality doubtful. It was Imran Khan who indicated march towards Raiwind upon Panama Papers’s issue, but Abdul Aleem Khan and Jehangir Khan Tareen were also found having their own off-shore companies.

When such controversies keep on circling around you, it becomes your utmost duty to resolve your own issues first, improve your infrastructure on grass root level to ensure your vote bank and then criticize your political rivals. PTI has suffered in these areas due to which Imran Khan and his men are losing people’s faith in them and thus their vote bank is also getting affected to a notable extent. What PTI needs to do is to look into these matters and resolve the major issues that are damaging party’s credibility, focus on serving KPK’s people and then set its priority to target its opposition parties. If Imran Khan carries on giving priority to protests, sit-ins and marches, then it would become really difficult for his party to appear in 2018 General Elections with more seats than that of 2013 General Elections. If that happens, then it would be “The End” of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

Obaid ur Rehman

The writer is Islamabad based Journalist / Research Analyst and writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports. He can be reached at;

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