Indian Brutality in Kashmir & Indo-Pak Conflicts

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Pakistan is currently not only surrounded by a lot of internal and external threats but it has also suffered a lot to maintain peace within the country and to counter all internal and externals dangers. Leave all the internal issues aside for now, let us focus on external dangers which Pakistan is facing for many decades. Since the creation of Pakistan, our neighbour India didn’t leave a single way of pressurizing Pakistan and to cause Pakistan major harm. 1965 war between India and Pakistan was the biggest ground battle until then since World War 2, 1971 war led to the conversion of East Pakistan into Bangladesh, then it was 1999 Kargil War that is considered to be fought on highest battle ground.

Then 9/11 incident took place which gave a new direction to War Against Terrorism across the world. It is Pakistan that has suffered a lot uptil now in this imposed war against terrorism because Pakistan had nothing to do with that incident but allying with United States of America made us to pay the price that no one would have ever had thought so. In war against terrorism, Pakistan only got Taliban in result which have ultimately changed the course of Pakistan through terrorist activities and suicide bombings. India while observing the situation, found it beneficiary to uproot the security situation in Pakistan.

Before going ahead, I must mention that in spite of giving numerous favours to Afghanistan, Afghanistan has always blamed Pakistan for the terrorist attacks and bombings in its own country and has always supported Pakistan’s opponents. Pakistan has now no other option but to keep on fighting these Khuarij and terrorists whereas USA keeps on demanding “Do More” due to which Pak-USA relations are not pretty much friendly.

India has always wanted to destabilize Pakistan at every level since the independence of both the countries from British Empire back in 1947. Watching Pakistan suffering and struggling to counter Taliban’s terrorism, India finally found a way to sponsor the terrorism in Pakistan via Afghanistan. India started funding Taliban which were directly coming from Afghanistan to improvise the terrorist activities across the country. India knew it very well that through war, they won’t ever be able to beat us because we have world class Army and above all, we have more nuclear warheads which are much better in quality as well if compare to India’s whose nuclear program isn’t even in safe hands. So India decided through its RAW to engage war within Pakistan this way.

Inspite of that, our Intelligence Agency ISI and Law Enforcement Agencies have countered India’s involvement in Pakistan’s soil with great results. Pakistan has even shown the proofs of India’s involvement to international community as well. With all the factors, USA, India, Afghanistan, collectively trying to destabilize Pakistan, the role of Pakistan Army is something to be appreciated. It is just because of Pakistan Army that today we are surviving all the odds and no country has enough courage to attack us directly, be it India or even USA.

Along with this entire climax, an incident takes place in Indian Occupied Kashmir that blows a new life into Kashmir Freedom Movement. Famous Kashmiri freedom fighter Burhan Muzaffar Wani while fighting Indian Armed Forces embraces martyrdom on 8th July and then Indian brutality on Kashmiri people begins. After Burhan Wani’s martyrdom, people from all over the Kashmir came out on streets and started protesting against Indian Government and its Army for violating humanity and killing innocent people including women and children. India has shut down everything in the valley and imposed curfew which is still lasting even after 70+ days. Usage of pellet guns has ultimately exposed Indian face of brutality and thirst for massacre.

Modi government didn’t expect at all that the whole scenario would get that much prolonged that even international media would start making headlines against Indian forces and government for their atrocity and brutality towards Kashmiri people and humanity. India, instead of getting ashamed for their deeds in Kashmir, which is obviously impossible, India started executing different conspiracies against Pakistan for raising voices on various international forums against India’s real terror face. Initially, India engaged a Baloch leader Baramdagh Bugti to have few words against Pakistan’s establishment, then terrorists’ attack in Mardan killed innocent people, later it was Altaf Hussain who abused Pakistan, then India started on-airing one of All India Radio’s programs in Balochi and also offered its citizenship to Baloch rebel leaders.

Inspite of all these moves, Pakistan didn’t stop here and kept raising voices against Indian brutality in Kashmir at all international levels, which was definitely becoming a headache for Narendra Modi and he was desperate to stop Pakistan from doing so. Right before 71st Session of United Nations General Assembly where Pakistan was all geared up to talk about India and to expose its barbarism in front of the world, suddenly 18 Indian soldiers get killed in an attack on Army Base in the garrison town of Uri, 63km away from IOK Capital, Srinagar. Suddenly after the attack, a new chapter in the India-Pakistan geopolitical saga began.

India, without wasting a single moment, immediately blamed Pakistan for the attacks and Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh didn’t waste a second in declaring Pakistan as a Terrorist-State in his tweet. Later on Pakistan clearly denied Indian accusation on Pakistan for being involved in Uri Attacks and rejected all of India’s allegations in this regard. India then gave threats to Pakistan for a limited-war as revenge and created an extreme hype of the incident. Purpose was obviously same, to bring Pakistan into limelight for sponsoring and supporting terrorism and to leave Pakistan alone in international community as well.

You never know that Uri Attacks could be an inside move, I’m illustrating this probability because of multiple reasons. We knew that Modi’s men were pissed off for their faces getting exposed over Kashmir issues and they were unable to divert international media’s attention from Kashmir. Secondly, Pakistan was constantly elaborating the terrorist-side of Indian establishment for their violent treatment in Kashmir which was thus becoming impossible for Modi to tolerate. Indian Media had also some conflicting statements and reports related to the incident which automatically make us to think about Uri Incident being as an inside job.

Pakistan Army, a day later, also gave message to India that Pakistan is completely ready to respond any kind of untoward activity from India and will hit them hard if Indian forces would ever try to get near to Pakistan’s land. Apart from all these scenarios, what Pakistan needs to do that will ultimately make its position stronger, is the major point of concern. Is our foreign policy strong enough that we can defend our sovereignty only on political grounds without any need of military’s involvement; that is the question. We know that directly or indirectly, Pakistan is surrounded by a lot of externals threats and dangers, then why do not our government makes Pakistan internally stronger first, so that we can counter the external dangers with more power and determination.

Going with the flow, Pakistan needs to accelerate its efforts to present world the real image of India on the basis of what Indian forces are doing in the valley. Prime Minister of Pakistan himself needs to come forward to lead the mission. Nawaz Shareef needs to try to put all international leaders on one page against Indian brutality in Kashmir. Pakistan also needs to execute all the RAW agents being arrested so far including Kulbhushan Yadav, who were involved in spreading terrorism in Pakistan.

Pakistan also needs to clear its stance on Afghanistan as our neighbour has never ever second our peaceful moves towards the betterment of region but instead Afghanistan always supported and sponsored terrorism along with the collaboration of Indian Intelligence Agency, RAW. Other than these necessary initiatives, we strictly need to maintain effective Border Management and government, in collaboration with Law Enforcement Agencies, is also showing promising behaviour in integrating FATA and KPK.

Operation Zarb-e-Azab is in process, has so far achieved many goods and the results can be seen with very much improved Law and Order situation in the country. We know that how terrorists are controlled and then executed and we don’t need any further dictation from USA or from any other country about what should be done or what should be not. As far as India is concerned, it has a childish habit of putting blame of everything on Pakistan. While talking about terrorism, Indian establishment gets blind enough to see what their own Armed Forces are doing in Kashmir by killing innocent people brutally. Pakistan’s establishment and political parties after getting on one page, immediately need to send India a message that relations with India can only get better by resolving Kashmir issue first. Pakistan needs to send the world a message too that Kashmiri people are also humans, they are also us and they have full right to decide their own destiny and chose whatever they want.

Obaid ur Rehman

The writer is Islamabad based Journalist / Research Analyst and writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports. He can be reached at;

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