The reality of sedition case against Indian actress-cum-politician

By Hina Bashir.

In law sedition stands for the insurrection against the established order. The case of Indian actress-cum-politician forced us to think that where does Indian court and law stand and where does Pakistan stands?

Visit of Divya Spandana, better known as Ramaya to Islamabad and her remarks about Pakistan lit the fire in Indian government and on social media. While visiting Pakistan with a group of young South Asian Parliamentarians, she said, that Pakistan was “not hell”. Her remarks that Pakistan was not hell was a response to Indian Defense Minister, Manohar parrikar, who said that, “going to Pakistan was same as going to hell”.

About this case the important thing is the “court and law” of Indian government. The rule of sedition was created by the British to suppress the Indian. This law was enacted against freedom fighters. Now, this rule is used by the Indian to suppress any voice that goes against the government. Is the Indian court is so dumb, that it does not find it ridiculous to file a sedition case against someone for just saying positive words about Pakistan? The people who try to seek peace between two countries are accused with sedition in India. India is a free country and it gives freedom to its citizen but it does not allow a citizen to give positive remarks about its neighbor country. Ramaya said, “We should be able to express ourselves freely. What I spoke of was my personal experience of the people of Pakistan who I met, that’s about it”.

The main point is not the warm relation of Pakistan and India but it is about the freedom of expression. International media, social media and different organizations throughout the world is fighting for the freedom of expression, freedom of thought and mind, but the high authorities never seems to appreciate the free voice. It is not about the recent dispute between Pakistan and India over Kashmir or about the warm relation of India and Pakistan, it is about the freedom, it is about the constitution of a free country, which grant every citizen the freedom of expression and thought. It is not about Pakistan but it is about the individual freedom. For a civilized life there are things which we have in mind such as freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of discussion and human feelings, these are more valuable things. Indian government has shown intolerance toward opinion of a citizen.

Writer is an English literature and hails from Islamabad.

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