Indo-Pak War of Words Continues at UNGA

New York: Indian External Affairs Minister Sushma Sawaraj on Monday addressed 71st United Nation General Assembly session with same old indictments against Pakistan, which we saw last year at UNGA. Responding to the Pakistani Premier’s speech, she said, “My firm advice to Pakistan is: abandon this dream. Jammu & Kashmir is an integral part of India and will always remain so,”

It was already understood after the aggressive speech of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at BJP rally on 24thSeptember that External Affairs Minister Sushma Sawaraj will be following the same aggressive and offensive style to handle the Kashmir’s Human Rights violations by accusing Pakistan for sponsoring terrorism across the border.

Moreover, Ms. Sawaraj carried the campaign to diplomatically isolate Pakistan at UN, asking international community to hold countries that “nurture, peddle and export” terrorism to account. She didn’t referred any country but further she said, “Such countries should have no place in global community”.

Soon after it, Pakistan’s permanent representative at UN Dr. Maleha Lodhi turned down the allegations by Indian Minister. “The Indian FM’ speech is a litany of falsehoods and baseless allegations.The biggest falsehood is that Kashmir is an integral part of India. Kashmir is an internationally recognised dispute. It is the oldest item on the UN agenda. The whole world acknowledges this”, said Maleha Lodhi.

Dr. Maleeha Lodhi also said that India is trying to divert the world’s attention from its atrocities and human rights violations in Jammu and Kashmir.

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