Transgender, The Befogged Identity

By Marwa Mehboob.

Although my topic holds the element of ambiguity in it but for the understanding of those people in our society who are taking an undue advantage of the status attached to transgender and are mercilessly targeting them because of their disrepute identity. I would like to pass on a simple message which might help them to elevate their level of human understanding. It is, “Nature chooses who will be transgender, and individuals don’t choose this”. So, how could thousands of less-privileged trans people across the country face unfairness and worse kind of violence to publicly end result?

Issues pertaining to transgender people are taking hype in our society. At the heart of the issue seems to be widespread dearth of understanding of trans issues and gender identity. Sadly, in our society these people have become a sheer source of entertainment and disgrace.

Taking in view the topic, I would like to simplify the set caption. We are witnessing the increase discrimination and some serious mis dealt incidents in recent past. Question is, does it really mean that a transgender or nonbinary person has no right to live with a certain identity? Positive apprehension of gender identity and the expression in this regard which refers to characteristics and behaviors a person identifies with, are very important for the social upbringing. Here, one can perceive the said phenomena both in a simple and complicated way. But what see in our society is the application of the complicated perception. People are not ready to adopt the sense of acceptability for the trans people. Thus, making it worse for the transgender to survive with their own identity rather they are seen with hatred and their rights as a human being are badly cornered.

This situation is undoubtedly painful and it can take years of suffering and social stigma for people to begin living their lives as the gender they identify with. The part of the society linked to transgender knows what it’s like to incorporate an identity that is suppressed for a long time. Its not easy to explain for a person who carries a bit of human instinct specially when they observe the intolerance related to transgender in our society. Being part of such a society where trans person has to face the obnoxious behavior from people who lack even an inch of humanity by giving filthy remarks to these people is never an easy going.

In Pakistan, there have been number of incidents and stories of highest torment faced by this suppressed and unprivileged community. Few months back transgender female Alisha from KPK was shot eight times before she took her last breath. Specifically, in KPK this was the fifth reported case of ferocity against trans people in this year.

Few more names to this list are Adnan, Sameer, Komal and Ayesha. They all were the members of Trans Action Alliance KPK, a group containing civil society and trans people in the province. Many demonstrations were held by this group TAA against violence and demanded security but were disdained by the Authorities . Such factors lead to negative consequences with continuous risk of social breakdown. It’s not a matter of few trans genders who are protesting against the lawlessness but the question is Why We Do Not Behave Like Human Beings? This thought requires everyone’s attention if we really want justice to prevail in Every sphere of  life. Its essential to propagate that transgendered people are a part of society and people should stop alienating them from the community. Above all what’s more important is to build the acceptance of this creation without the deprivation of their fundamental rights. This will gear up the systematic approaches towards large scale implementation of laws enhancing the lives of trans people without tagging them as second class citizen. By creating such kind of environment where trans people are accorded the respect will automatically lessen the level of desperation in this community and Will add confidence to their shattered being.

By accepting that trans people are also human beings will surely result in a better society to live in. We are  humanists. Let’s Behave like it. Giving trans people the basic right to define themselves, and the basic appreciation that they know more about themselves and their lives than we do, is not too much to ask from the society.

Marwah Mehboob writes on social and political issues and is a media analyst. She can be reached at Twitter; @marwahmehboob

2 thoughts on “Transgender, The Befogged Identity

  • September 28, 2016 at 2:02 pm

    Very cogent and reflective of one’s inner sympathies for less privileged.

  • September 29, 2016 at 6:10 pm

    Soon as i got down to the article, I was reminded of something our elders used to say about transgenders that one must not seek a transgender’s curse (بد دعا) because being handicapped Allah listens to them promptly. The writer has dwelled upon an issue which merits social sensitizing. The writer is absolutely correct in her thought that its the nature that decides one’s gender, one cant decide for himself whether to be transgender or what. Our religion strictly prohibits cruelty even with animals, let alone a human being. I just fail to comprehend that how could a person throw aside humanity and pick up courage to slay a handicapped human being.


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