Raiwind March Showdown – Consequences & Outcomes

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Imran Khan and his men are all set to march towards Raiwind where Prime Minister Nawaz Shareef has his own residency having worth of billions of dollars. The aim is to put Nawaz Shareef on board for the investigations of Panama Papers’ revelations of having offshore companies. After multiple collective sessions of representatives of both the government and opposition with each other, the final Terms of References TORs could not be finalized and the deadlock remained there that ultimately brought Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) in front of Nawaz Shareef’s home.

Imran Khan went to Supreme Court, he went to Election Commission, to Parliament, but unfortunately due to strong hold of Nawaz Shareef on country’s institutions, Imran Khan could not get any effective response from either of any institution that made him to choose roads, protests and sit-ins, as last options. PTI had already cleared its stance that if government would not agree on TORs suggested by the alliance of opposition parties, then PTI would go for protests and would march towards Raiwind being as a last democratic option.

Initially Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) and Pakistan Awami Tehreek (PAT) were also willing to come out on roads on the respective issue but later then, old Zardari-Nawaz friendship and immature political behaviour of PAT’s Tahir-ul-Qadri left PTI alone in the cause. It would have been pretty much effective for PTI to build pressure on government if other opposition parties were with Imran and Co. but yet PTI was prepared for current scenarios and now Imran Khan and his youth are about to march on 30th September to exert maximum pressure on Nawaz Shareef to present himself for accountability and justify all the allegations.

A lot of questions rise that what would be the outcome of Raiwind March, will Imran Khan be able to achieve what he is aiming and going for, will PM Nawaz Shareef ever submit himself for accountability, or the respective institutions will start investigating Shareef-family’s offshore companies without having any pressure. Answers of these relevant questions are in everybody’s mind and people are curious to know about the outcomes of Raiwind March.

In our country, it is probably Imran Khan, an only political leader, who is all the way serious and concerned for eliminating corruption from the country. Since the creation of Pakistan, political leaders have just filled up their pockets whenever they came in power, be it PPP or PMLN. But it is PTI under Imran Khan which has lead from the front against the corruption and demanded to hold responsible ones accountable in front of the nation.

In the meanwhile, Nawaz Shareef is playing his cards smartly. He has got all the powers in the form of institutions and he is constantly demoralizing Imran Khan and his efforts and making him short of options. PTI, no doubt, has a lot of infrastructural and policy problems that have ultimately shaken party’s reputation to maximum extent. But yet, as far as Panama Papers’ issue is concerned, then it is only PTI that has possessed the credibility to stand firm in this regard. It would be obviously very difficult to predict the outcomes and results of Raiwind March, but one thing is for sure, that there is someone in Pakistan who has the guts to challenge the status quo of this country and be a hurdle for other politicians who find passages for doing corruption on massive scales.

Credibility of PMLN can be witnessed by the decision of Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq, who instead of referring PM Nawaz Shareef’s case to Election Commission of Pakistan, referred Imran Khan’s case to ECP that was weak and based upon false allegations. On the other end, Nawaz Shareef’s case was having complete proofs of having offshore companies and looting public’s money for his own business interests, but Speaker National Assembly was blind enough to see the facts illustrated by Panama Papers.

I have personally criticized Imran Khan a lot in my recent writings for his policies and inappropriate timings. Where he will be wrong, he will be wrong and that would be completely justified to criticize him. But one thing I would mention here is that we can criticize him for his awkward decisions but one cannot doubt his sincerity and concern for this nation. He can have a lot of intra party issues but his efforts to fight for the justice for people can never be considered as doubtful. Imran Khan has been talking about eradicating corruption from the system for years and now, for the same purpose, he is getting out on roads once again.

With the fact that the outcomes and results of Raiwind March would probably the same as previous protests and political gatherings had but that’s for certain that people in huge gatherings will surely exert pressure on the most corrupt leadership of governing political party. Raiwind March, on the other end, could be a turning point as well for PMLN because huge and massive crowd would surely be the result of impressive door to door campaign being carried out by the local PTI leadership. These preparations can later be transformed into effective election campaigns as well to convert the crowd into voters. It might be possible that after Raiwind March, it starts getting for sure that Lahore won’t be in safe hands for PMLN in 2018 General Elections.

So, in that aspect, possible successful show on 30th September could be a game changer for both the parties. PTI would be more relaxed in pressurizing PM for accountability and on the other end, PMLN would feel pretty much insecure by watching Lahore slipping away from its hands. Any kind of mismanagement on state level will also cause huge damage to PMLN if its leaders and Gullu Butts try to stop PTI caravans and in return, the situation can get worsened which will further give moral advantage to PTI.

Imran Khan and his men should execute their plans in a peaceful and decent manner atleast from their side, so that any kind of untoward incident can be avoided. Also, they should keep it in mind that nowadays, Pakistan and India are almost on the verge of war. As per fresh updates, India has claimed about Surgical Strikes in Pakistan at LoC earlier in morning which was clearly denied by Director General ISPR Lieutenant General Asim Saleem Bajwa. India actually started violation of ceasefire late at night that was then answered by Pakistan Army in retaliation killing 8 Indian Soldiers and capturing one of them. Pakistan Army has also released the video of Indians getting killed by the hands of Pakistan Army in the Counter Attacks, which have raised another storm in Indian Media and probably would have burned Modi’s establishment as well.

Under the circumstances, Imran Khan has also decided to give Narendra Modi a message for his brutal policies against Muslims. Imran Khan said today in a presser that he would send Modi a message which Nawaz Shareef could not. Thus, it would be interesting too to watch Imran Khan addressing Narendra Modi in front of huge crowd. Keeping in view the ongoing situation between Pakistan and India on Kashmir and LoC, PTI, PMLN and other political parties should always be on one page regardless of their internal rifts and political differences. Whenever there would be any external threat to the integrity of our motherland, nothing should be more important than protecting the boundaries and sovereignty of our country. Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad.


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