The Survivors – What is the Future of Syrian Children?

By Hina Bashir.

Aylan kurdi, Omran Daqneesh, Mustafa and now Rawan Alowsh these are the children who represent the millions of children affected by Syrian civil war. The pleading eyes, questionable stares and numb faces are reflecting the brutalities of Syrian forces. After every one or two months, the bewildered looks of these children reminds the world that Syrian civil war is snatching the innocence of millions of children. The pictures of these children are the symbol of sufferings of Syrian civilians. After every one or two months the media show  images of these vulnerable children, it creates a hype on social media, people update their statuses, change their profile pictures, and then silence takes over till the picture of the next victim is plastered on every other Facebook page and Instagram account.

What is this? A game? Are we playing hide and seek where we hide behind statuses and changed profile pictures while mothers seek out their dead children from under the ruble of fallen houses.

But, these are not exceptional cases, killing the children and bombing civilians are the common features of Syrian’s civil war. These are the daily facts. Americans, NATO, Russian and Syrian governments take turn for attacking and bombing the women, children and unarmed men. This political war is snubbing the smile of millions of innocent children. Now in Syria instead of celebrating their birthdays, children are attending the anniversaries of warand funerals of their friends.

Witnessing the horrors of war and living in the tense situation of fear and anxiety giving them psychological burden. They are witnessing killing, butchering and living under the shell. They have been living among atrocities for a long period of time.

Every day this civil war unleashes a new hell on Syrian children and these children are dying on the floor of hospital asking and crying for help or under the rubble. These children are losing their entire family day by day. With their numb faces they are watching the world and asking for help.

More than 50% population of Syria consists on young children. I am unable to understand that which law in the world allows the killing of children for gaining their purpose.

Children count on parents to protect them but Syrian children see their parents crying and dying before their very eyes. They have no hope of protection from other institution. Their numb faces gave the image that this is the reality of world where war, cruelty, injustice and killing exist. They are unaware of the concept of Disney land or fairy land.

This long term violence is inflicting a considerable damage on children mental health and psychological development of child. They are deprived of basic necessary components which are important for the healthy psychological development of a child. According to psychologist, school is a typical safe place for child but destruction of school is leading to further emotional damage. Self-esteem, compassion and belongingness these are the basic needs which lead to a healthy mind. They are losing the sense of belongingness because they have no idea that where the war will lead them and what is their future?

According to Dr. Rona M. Field, who is president of psychological association said that the risk of this war is that we are breeding a generation of teenagers who want to fight and kill others, who believe there is no justice in the world, who believe that they are alone in their misery. World is providing them the place full of violence and brutalities.

Syrian children do not demand food and clothes from the organization, such as Red Cross, UNICEF and Red Crescent, but they are asking for land where they could live without fear but with peace. They are not looking for the weapons or bomb shells but they are looking for their toys. They are asking for freedom and peace. Like every child they have right to get education, freedom, self-esteem and a homeland.

But, the question is what they are gaining through this political civil war…?

What will be the future of millions of innocent children…?

Writer is an English literature student and hails from Islamabad.

One thought on “The Survivors – What is the Future of Syrian Children?

  • September 30, 2016 at 7:58 pm

    How well-written? You spoke the hearts of million…. This Syrian is absolutely futile for Americans. They have no business in there and they know it themselves but they have a relentless hunger for destruction especially, in the Muslim world. Unfortunately, rest of the Muslims are sitting calmly and watching the carnage show in Palestine, Iraq, and Syria by America.


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