Does humanity have limits?

By Hina Basheer.

Do we have the right to crush the esteem of human beings? Do we have the right to take in control the life of individuals? I want every person to think that where our humanity is when it comes to transgender. We are the one who set the standards in society, we are the one to oppress the weak in society. Why are we limiting our mind so much that we are snatching the right of living from these people on the bases of gender which is not in their hands?

We are the one to harass them, we the one to discriminate them and we are one to violate them for being transgender. We are the one to insult them and call them beggars and prostitutes. In every possible way we consider it our right to tease and taunt them. Because of genetic differences we are not only separating them from our society but also treating them as inferior creed. While doing so we take in hand the Islam and the Pakistani law which grant them the status of respected citizen.

Islam does not discriminate them. Allah has created every human equal and all human beings are equal in the eyes of Islam. Transgender are called “Makhannathun” in Arabic, which means effeminate ones. They are part of culture, society and religion. Their existence have been mentioned even in Quran. Allah says in Holy Quran

Chapter 42, Surat I-Shura, Verse 49, 50:

“To Allah belongs the dominion of heavens and earth; He creates what he wills. He gives to whom He wills female, and He gives to whom He wills males. Or He makes them [both] males and females, and He renders whom He wills barren. Indeed, He knows and Competent.”

Then comes Pakistani government which gives them all the laws which a respected citizen should have. Pakistani court in 2009 also gave them the right to vote and recognized them as equal citizen of country. But, we are taking law in our hand by discerning them and treating them as inferior. Who give us right to take in hand the law and order?

Here the problem is not with law and order, the problem is with us. The problem is our culture, norms and our constructed society. Because law and order cannot construct a culture and tradition. It cannot set the norms for society. Society depends upon individuals. We are the one to construct society. We are the one to treat them as inferior creature. I want to ask a question to respected and educated citizen that, who are the labeling them as “hijra”? Who are snatching their right to live a respectful life?

Islam give them respect our court give them respect than why are we constructing difficult rules for them. Why are we judging them on the bases of gender which is not in their hand but in hand of Allah?

I don’t want to blame the institution because every institution and organization agave them rights but the problem is our thinking and we are the one who govern the institution. Our educated citizen do not accept them in their institution or give them a respectful job.

It means we have to courage to take in hand or criticize the will of Allah.

It is our cultural problem; today we treat them as outsiders. They dance on our weddings to amuse us. They dance to give pleasure to those people who are their dictators. We dance when we are happy and they dance to earn money because society cannot bear that they should have a respectful profession.

Last but not the least its our thinking which has created all the problems for them and have forced them to beg on streets.

In order to help the society become better each individual should work on changing the way they think.

Writer is an English literature student and hails from Islamabad.

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