Liberty of Women in Islam

By Dr. Filza Tahir.

Women, the beautiful creation of God have been given numerous rights in Islam.

Before Islam, women were treated as animals and slaves. They did not have any rights. They were not inherited. They did not have their own decision about marriage. Islam is the religion that gives proper respect to the women.

Allah Says  

“Surely, men who surrendered and women who surrender, believing men and believing women, devout men and devout women, truthful men and truthful women, patient men and patient women, humble men and humble women, charitable men and charitable women, fasting men and fasting women, men guarding their private parts and women guarding (them), men engaged much in Allah’s remembrance and women engaged much in (Allah’s) remembrance, Allah has prepared for them forgiveness and a great reward.”

This verse of the Quran shows that the Muslim men or women who will obey the rules of Allah will be granted equally.

What Quran has said about the status of women?

“O mankind, we have created you out of a male and female and made you tribes and clans so that you may identify each other. Surely, the noblest among you in the sight of Allah is the most God fearing of you. Verily, Allah is All-knowing, All-aware.”

Women and men are liable to ALLAH ONLY FOR THEIR DEEDS

Before 7th century women were considered oppressed, unequal and inferior but Islam has empowered the women. Islam honored women in society by elevating them and protecting them with unprecedented rights.

Muslim women have equal rights of good deeds to obtain education, get provision from their fathers and brothers. They can express their own ideas and can marry according to their will. She has right to get divorce from her husband as well. Muslim women have social, spiritual and political rights.

In Western countries Liberated is a word that is used for all those who have to show off their bodies just to fit in to the work place. In the western society women who are always in search of something, man or material goods, to make them happy or  women who hesitate to cover them  to fit in workplace to look good, or the women who delay marriage to fulfill the demands of workplace to avoid signs of aging after giving birth to a child.

In Islam, Liberated are women who respect themselves and do not let fashion designers strip their dignity, liberated are the women who have full rights to dress up according to their faith and dignity. Liberated are the women who are valued by their virtues not only by their physical appearance.

God created men and women with unique physiological and psychological attributes on the basis of which each individual plays its own unique role in society.

In the early Muslim era, women remained an active participant of the society by performing an active role; they were free to express their own opinions without any fear. Additionally, in early Islamic history women also played an active role during the war times by acting as nurses in the battle field. Women were also allowed to do their own business and one of the best example to quote here relates to Hazarat Khadeeja (R.A) wife of our Prophet (PBUH) who was a merchant. Later on in the time of Caliph Umar, Shiffa Bint Abdullah was also appointed as the supervisor of the bazaar as well.

Both men and women are supposed to obey the rules of ALLAH ALMIGHTY in different ways as both have to cover them but differently to preserve their modesty. Modest appearance, which includes veiling, highlights a woman’s personality and character instead of her physical figure and promotes a deeper appreciation for who she is as a person

In short women are appreciated and welcomed in civil field to play their active role by remaining in boundaries highlighted by our Creator to safeguard  them and their rights  in society.

Writer is a Pharmacist based in Islamabad and writes on health and social issues.

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