Modi Trapped into his own Reflection

By M. Tahir Khan.

The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi came out to isolate Pakistan, but has fallen into his own reflection. It’s not the world, nor it is Pakistan that brings out India’s dual face, but this time it happened to be out Narendra Modi’s political opponents who showed a stiff resistance to him, exposed the other side of his face which the world has already witnessed in 2002 Gujarat riots from where he got the title “Butcher of the Gujarat”. Modi’s political opponents have not only challenged his political position in India but also raised many questions on the policies carried by him and also demanded evidence of claimed Surgical Strike against Pakistan. Indian government and its military was not able to brief their position on the so called surgical strike, ultimately India got exposed to the outside world and master plan to defame Pakistan as an irresponsible state failed.

The day Narendra Modi was appointed as the Prime of Minister of India, he remained engaged to defame Pakistan, either he was in Bangladesh or Afghanistan, he accused Pakistan at all forums. He accepted Indian role in 1971 war against Pakistan to divide it into two, and also launched a campaign to declare Pakistan a state responsible for exporting terrorism. In the last two and half years of Modi’s government, he remained busy against Pakistan at all fronts, whether it is RAW’s interference in Baluchistan or efforts to isolate Pakistan by engaging with the neighbor states by signing Chahbahar agreement, the target remained Pakistan. But after the start of work on China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the Indian game plan got exposed at a greater extent, Delhi started to defame the corridor by all costs, which were proved after the arrest of Indian RAW Office Kulbushan Yadav.

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However, the extra judicial killing of Burhan Muzafar Wani has once again revised the independence movement of Kashmir which was not on cards for India. The movement has not only grabbed the attention of world but also highlighted the Indian government’s atrocities against the unarmed people of Indian Occupied Kashmir. The protests after the martyrdom of Wani choked the occupied Kashmir and in the extent of Indian government brutalities, we have observed that more than hundred people have been killed, thousands of them got injured and many people were blinded due to pellet fires.

The independence movement of Kashmir has raised new internal and external challenges for Narendra Modi and these challenges were raised just ahead of State Elections in seven different states of India including important states like Uttar Pardesh, Punjab and Gujarat that Bhartia Janta Party (BJP) and Modi government thinks crucial for their regimes, overall performance, credibility for the Indian people and rest of the world.

The first and most important challenge for Modi government was to divert the international focus and attention from occupied Kashmir and in this prospect, we have seen many diversion tactics in the last three weeks starting from Uri Attack, proposed plans to wage a war on Pakistan, then Indian government’s international campaign to charge Pakistan as a state responsible for exporting terrorism and then in the next step India campaigned to isolate Pakistan internationally. When India’s campaign against Pakistan could not succeed in grabbing world’s attention to isolate Pakistan, Indian government’s challenges were further hyped and world saw a fresh series of cross border attacks from Indian side at Line of Control which was declared by Indian DGMO and government as the Surgical Strikes, but were straight away denied from Pakistan and Pakistan termed it as routine Line of Control violations only. That’s not all from Indian side, the game goes on, there were plans on table to abandon Indus Water Treaty unilaterally, but still it does not fulfill the purpose of India.

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Additionally, the Indian media and some of their media platforms were able to create war hysteria like situation against Pakistan; they went upto the extent and started to push their government to enter into a small scale war with Pakistan. The Indian media celebrated the self declared surgical strikes against Pakistan as India’s move against Uri attack; however, Pakistan refutes the claims of Indian side as baseless. However, Indian claims die out immediately after the UN mission and international journalists for different western papers reported from the Azad Kashmir that there were no signs of surgical strikes.

This is the time when Indian government up to some extent was able to divert international focus from Kashmir and created war hysteria in their own country, and western media was not able to fully focus on occupied Kashmir and Indian brutality against the civilian population. However, the internal political situation was not that easy as it was considered by Narendra Modia and core team including National Security Advisor Ajeet Doval. It was believed that by creating a war like situation with Pakistan, Delhi will be able to achieve political mileage in the upcoming state elections, but it doesn’t look so.

Initially Indian political figures including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kajrewal and former Finance Minister P. Chidambaram started to raise their concerns on the validity of their own government’s claims of surgical strikes and demanded evidence from military and government, but yet nothing has been provided to them and Indian media. The buck doesn’t stop here, the situation got worst within India when Vice Chairman of Congress Rahul Gandhi accused government by saying “Jawano ki aap dalali kar rahay ho” and afterwards while addressing Jantar Mantar in Delhi, he accused Modi of “playing with the blood of soldiers”. He further criticized the Modi government by saying “you are hiding behind the sacrifices” and where are your promises which you made during your election campaigns.

The internal political debate has now taken over the external debate being orchestrated against Pakistan, and it was realized within the India that Delhi government has created war hysteria and they are eyeing upcoming elections in seven states including important states of Gujrat, Uttar Pardesh and Punjab. The same views had been highlighted by Punjab Congress Chief Amarinder Singh that centre is creating unnecessary war hysteria and tension with an eye on Uttar Pardesh Assembly.

Indian media is also responding in the same manner as the Dehli government. Their stance and position had also shifted from external to internal politics, and now they are focusing more on internal politics rather than policies to isolate Pakistan. It can be evident from the Indian News Night Show hosted by Indian establishment’s blue eyed boy “Arnab Goswami” who started his campaign after Uri attack by accusing Pakistan, and now forgets everything about Pakistan and is covering up accusations being leveled by Modi’s opponents.

Finally, Narendra Modi is being exposed internally as well as externally, he was not able to clarify his position on the tall claims of surgical strikes against Pakistan, and trapped into his own reflection. The same media that used to accuse Pakistan is now running a campaign to convince public that their army’s word is enough, but Indian media is not getting successful to convince. However, opposition political parties got the clear idea that Modi is trying to create war hysteria to get political mileage in upcoming state elections, but does not look successful.

It rather would be better for Narendra Modi to concentrate on his own internal politics instead of putting up efforts to isolate Pakistan. Pakistan has got more international moral support after all these scenarios and international market is still looking forward to invest in CPEC. Any attempt to isolate Pakistan or to interfere in Pakistan’s internal politics will counter Modi in return, as India has seen that whatever they have done to divert attention from brutalities of Indian Armed Forces in Kashmir, it has ultimately made Modi to suffer. Also, Narendra Modi, before looking into Baluchistan, should first concentrate on Behar and Khalistan where people are demanding freedom from Indian government and that will surely burn Narendra Modi and make his nights sleepless.

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