Cyril Almeida’s story has benefited Enemy’s Agenda, says Nisar

Federal Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said that the news of Cyril Almeida, a journalist of Dawn, an English Daily, has only benefited the enemy’s agenda. He said that in a meeting regarding to that issue, it is decided that an inquiry will be held to figure out as to what inspired him to write a narrative that has been appreciated and used in propaganda in India. While the reported himself had accepted that nobody from the meeting could confirm the news, Ch. Nisar said while talking to media in Islamabad earlier today.

Ch. Nisar today was responding to a query regarding to the fact that why was the journalist being put on Exit Control List (ECL). In clarification, Nisar told that if the government had let him flee abroad after leaking false news, then the government would have been held accountable for letting him leave the country. It was necessary to put his name in ECL under the current consequences. Interior Minister Ch. Nisar said that journalist’s tweet “stand by every word of my news” has worsened the situation even further. How did the news get published when it could not be verified.

The Interior Minister has said that to investigate the matter of news regarding to a high level meeting, a committee has been constituted to probe this national security issue. Inquiry against a couple of other people is also underway and along with the journalist, these people have also been put on ECL list till the investigation completes. He said that the representatives of Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors and All Pakistan Newspapers Society have been called for a meeting on Friday to discuss the matter.

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