Imran Khan won’t be seen anywhere on 30th Oct, says Pervez Rasheed

While addressing public gathering in Mardan, PMLN leader and Federal Information Minister Pervez Rasheed strictly criticized PTI and its politics of protests and sit-ins. He said that PMLN has always believed in the power of ballot, not baton. PTI Chairman Imran Khan won’t be seen anywhere on 30th Oct. PMLN has always rejected the politics of aggression and government won’t let the development process stop on 30th Oct, he added.

Pervez Rasheed said that KPK Government is on the mercy of PMLN and they have the ability to dislodge PTI’s government in KPK on just a signal. Power is always attained through votes and public mandate not by attacking someone’s house. He also raised question marks on KPK Government’s progress in improving the infrastructures of schools and hospitals. Information Minister also told the people that Nawaz Sharif has always been with the nation in every thick and thin.

On the occasion, Federal Minister for Planning and Development Ashan Iqbal said that now there is peace in the country and terrorists are on the run. He further stated that Pakistan is now being called as “heaven for investors” and China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is a national project that will benefit everyone. He also claimed that the people of Baluchistan and KPK will surely have more benefits more from CPEC than the people of Punjab.

Ahsan Iqbal said that whenever Pakistan starts making progress, some people from within stand up to create hurdles. He said that PMLN will secure two-thirds majority in the coming elections as well due to Imran Khan’s immature politics. He also added that Imran Khan will continue his road politics and we will continue working for the development and progress of Pakistan. Ahsan Iqbal also welcomed Jamshed Khan into PMLN on this occasion. PMLN leader Amir Muqam also addressed on the occasion and bitterly criticized PTI’s provincial government.

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