For whom, I should vote, the trustworthy Imran Khan or the party, PTI

By Dr. Ijlal Ali Shah.

Since the reincarnation  of Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf  back in 2011, it has always been a talking point that whether the  party itself, corresponds to the truthfulness, decency, tenacity, Imran Khan owns. Look, it has always been a big dilemma for the Khan supporters  all over the country, whom they should choose between democracy and the Party chairman. Surely democracy teaches us to opt for a certain representative who, reflects your ideas, ready to stand with his people through thick and thin. Rule by the people would  be ideally ensured, when the  people of this country  would  be voting  on merit above personal compassion and charmness. I bet it would  do great wonders for the democratic process in this country. I concede that there is no parallel to his flamboyance, veracity and commitment  but should that be enough to through ourselves at the hands of scandalous and wicked people. Is this the only substitute of his honesty?

I am Ijlal Ali Shah from District Abbottabad (NA-17). Most of MPAs and MNA Dr. Azhar Khan is from Pakistan Tehreek e Insaaf. I was the one along with thousands in this district who blindly voted for these candidates in the name of Imran Khan. Back in 2013,prior to General elections, PTI was taken as a glimmer of hope, an alternative  to the manipulated and decrepited  political system. The whole mobilization in the name of tabdeeli was to bottle up the traditional politics once and for all that was known for dirty norms for years. Even at that time, the same old horses were honoured with party tickets  instead of banking on young people that were qualified to contest. I still remember the saying of some people “Khan khud to bht acha hai, par uske paas team ache nae hai”.

I acknowledge that in order to succeed in this system, you have to somehow stick with the old ones but then the vision and true essence of his change, becomes nothing short of paradox. Even after all this, we trusted him. We went beyond his distrust in youth and gave him the mandate. We trusted his leadership. His comrades and representatives were a sheer  contradictory to his honesty but we trusted him. It was his commitment and loyalty to his people that we had to stick to his party. It was indeed a bitter pill to swallow but was taken. The candidates in our district had an overwhelming victory and that kick started the misery of people in the district. That trust that I had on Imran Khan was a blind one and from 2013 till today, I have barely seen his sitting MNA and MPAs  striving for  the realization of his dreams and vision but only adding insult to injury. There is even more to the misery. Local body election were held last year and youth were promised and relished to be made part of grassroots politics but at the time of nomination when they failed to reach the consensus, based on their  likes and dislikes, many devoted people were thrown out, irking millions. The party perpetrators  nominated son of a  former federal minister  as a candidate for district chairman surpassing many devoted ones and when the issue was taken to Imran Khan, he kept mum over this abandonment. The same story runs in many districts which shows how their trust and faith in Imran Khan  was shattered.

I have no objection against  his MPAs and MNAs but the  complain is from him, who was trusted. It was he, who people had great faith in. My democratic norms say that I should vote for work rather than the name. I along with thousands have lost faith is his comrades. For how long we should be denying ourselves of this right that the constitution of this country offers.For how long we could vote for him when his  candidates are no longer  negating the collosal status quo. Still today I have great trust in him but should I deny myself from right to vote? How could I vote for him when my life is only  influenced by my  representatives? Why should I hand my children’s future over to reckless people. Why should I not opt a person who works for me?  Why should I not have a firm belief in my democracy that would deliver one day ?

Many generations before us have faced sacrifices and challenges to ensure that we have the democratic government that we have today.Vote is a  trust  and responsibility.It is our voice.I have realized it over the years and I would make sure that I execute  it accordingly in 2018.


The author hails from Abbottabad. He  is an MBBS student at Ayub Medical College ATD. A humanist and a writing enthusiast. He is the member of Youth Parliament Pakistan under PILDAT. Tweets @shahaliijlal. Follow him on instagram Shahaliijlal.

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