National Health Program to benefit deserving families in the country, says PM

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has said that Federal Government’s National Health Program will surely benefit families across Pakistan. Prime Minister was addressing a ceremony in Rahim Yar Khan, which was held to inaugurate the National Health Program. During the ceremony, Nawaz Sharif announced the construction of 50 new hospitals. On the occasion, he said that poor will get justified treatment at both private and public hospitals and government will also help them if their medical expense exceeds an amount of Rs. 300,000.

Speaking at ceremony, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif said that the poor are forced to sell their households and even their houses sometimes to pay off their debts. While talking about sufferings of the poor, PM also got emotional and couldn’t continue his words. Prime Minister said that the National Health Program will help those who are financially unable to get their medical treatment done. In his previous tenure, he had initiated a health program for treatment of kidneys as well and he wishes that future government will continue such programs for the public, he added. Health cards were also distributed to deserving families at the eve.

The Prime Minister also congratulated the people of Rahim Yar Khan for the motorway that is under construction. PM said that they have begun constructing motorways and roads and now they will connect Karachi and Baluchistan. Road networks are extremely important as they reduce distances, promote development and provide opportunities for employment, he quoted. He also said that in next couple of years, situation of railway will also get better in the region and his government will tackle the energy crisis on priority basis. Nawaz Sharif added that law and order situation in Karachi has now improved and he vowed to root out terrorism from the country as well.

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