Economic Deterrence

Pakistani needed a deeper realization that until Pakistan shove off its current economic morass through democratic temper will be rock-hard to redeem the glue cemented standing in the theater of world politics. The time comes now when Pakistan needs a political identity outside of its opposition to India.

By Sarfraz Ahmed Rana.

The very medium to success in the world political business have gone changed with the miracles of globalization cycles, buffering high-tech innovation, establishment of silicon valleys, research parks, around the clock instantaneous movement of information the race go even beyond to vanquish the moon, mars, Jupiter and other magnificent discoveries have been taking place routinely during the ordinary discourse of international business. The notion to use the nuclear weapons against opponent state either to follow the” principle of deterrence” to deter has relatively dwindling side wise due to the complex nature of interdependence in the age of commercialization yet the usefulness of “nuclear might” could not be completely ruled out of the gambit as an effective political tool to coerce.

Couple of evenings ago I have seized an erudite opportunity to attend the seminar at Islamabad club titled “Emerging Security Paradigm and deterrence equilibrium in south Asia” when a former Chairman of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) Parvez Butt emerged from the audience amidst the question answer hearing merely to correct the speakers why the state of Pakistan to focus only on its nuclear deterrence? rather than the much needed “Economic Deterrence” as preferred state craft policy. I was quite interested in the question because I would be following the familiar inquiry if he would not have asked!!!

Let me put forward the notion of “Economic deterrence” this time by not picking up the United States of America or any other western developed nation as a case study but India, a next door bellicose neighbor although who does not have such soft record of human rights, caste system involving unequal social rights, violence and discrimination against minorities yet dominating Pakistan in many significant spheres. I have heard quite frequently our members of parliament quoting invariably India as a best-case model for several reasons even international community has also been involved in great romance of Indian democracy which they claim largest and flawless in performance. Indeed the world does not care Pakistan and its extremely hostile relations with New Delhi whatever the circumstances follows. Since the inception of two nations India and Pakistan barely the difference of one day keeping enormously great disparity in terms of socio-economic and politico factors. Both states bearing the nuclear deterrence if the nuclear deterrence considers being the only standard to promise the process of development then how does India become a “Bright spot” on the global landscape? What goes wrong with Pakistan? as yet struggling for the current standing in the comity of nations to deny international Isolation. What works for India??? Indeed “Economic deterrence”deter the world to go against the interests of India to the extent that international human watchdogs and organisations become deliberately and absolutely blindfolded over the issue of serious human rights violations in Indian Occupied Kashmir by India armed forces.

A Shrewd Gujarati Indian premier, Narendra Damodardas Modi  who has denied his “diplomatic visa” to the United States little earlier before, laid down the red carpet welcome by the same country today. He has been extremely busy to manipulate the world to list Pakistan as a “mother ship of terrorism”. He is leaving no stone unturned to turn all those countries happens to be natural ally to Pakistan to turned unnatural after all the efforts he made, he relatively succeeded in his political gambit to announce nominee of the next chief guest at Indian republic day of 2017 would be the UAE crown prince since we are also aware of the fact that Afghanistan boycotted SAARC summit on Indian desire.

Is this nuclear deterrence brought a leverage to make the world listen to him so carefully? The answer is as simple as possible; the fast track economic development in India yielded the extra mile to enjoy the popular status in international relations. In recent past time, International Monetary Fund IMF whose responsibility to monitor global economy applauded Indian economic efforts as an efficient global trade partner. According to data from the US Department of Agriculture, India currently the seventh largest economy by Gross Domestic Product GDP will surpass Japan, Germany, UK and France to be a third largest economy of the world. Undeniably, its Indian “Economic deterrence” made India inevitable for those states that have been supporting Indian bid to Nuclear Supplier Group (NSG) including United States even at the broader level providing all the necessary support to entertain Indian aspiration to the permanent membership of Security Council.

Does India imprison Pakistan into isolation in the circus of world politics? If one draw a value neutral comparison involving rationality will conclude in a way that a rich state – Pakistan, strategically important,  full of mineral, energy resources, warm water ports and youthful of resilient population viewed internationally excessively  recipient of foreign aid does not have much handy to attract the world expect “Nuclear deterrence”. The poor policies of Pakistan have been playing its role significantly to Isolate Pakistan to bring more opprobrium at home. As a matter of fact, the world comes in a time only to discuss the safety assurance of nuclear weapons instead to commit trade deals merely due to Pakistan’s great “Nuclear mania”.

Leader from the Pakistani side have failed to comprehend the nature of power in contemporary affairs from the nuclear deterrence to Economic deterrence largely shifted and economy becomes the important matrix to establish the bilateral relations. Pakistani needed a deeper realization that until Pakistan shove off its current economic morass through democratic temper will be rock-hard to redeem the glue cemented standing in the theater of world politics. The time comes now when Pakistan needs a political identity outside of its opposition to India. If the situation continues to happen like this Pakistan’s fewer alliance I am sure if all not gone, will plunge little by little at the price of Pakistan’s International prestige.

Modi Challenged Islamabad says, “if you have strength, then come forward to fight poverty, Let’s see who win? Let’s see who is able to defeat poverty and illiteracy first, Pakistan or India?”

The ball is in Islamabad’s court to bounce back in the lines of nuclear deterrence or “Economic deterrence”.

Sarfraz Rana

The writer is the columnist and International Relations Research Scholar.

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