Real culprits behind fabricated story to be exposed soon, says Ch. Nisar

Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has admitted that Information Minister Pervez Rasheed failed to stop the controversial news from getting published in English Newspaper DAWN. Ch. Nisar said that Pervez Rasheed should have stopped the journalist from publishing the story that has brought disrespect to national interests and affected the country’s image badly, he added.

While addressing a press conference regarding to the news being termed as National Security Breach, Ch. Nisar told the journalists that press conference is held to highlight the factors behind the dismissal of Pervez Rasheed from his Information Minister’s office. Ch. Nisar said that Pervez Rasheed has been found in contact with the journalist Cyril Almeida. He said that if the journalist had not agreed to not publish the story, then Dawn Newspaper’s administration should have been contacted in this regard, which Pervez Rasheed did not do.

Ch. Nisar denied the authenticity of story that got published and said that there is no reality in its content. He told the media that Prime Minister has taken a decision for investigating the matter and the real culprits involved behind the controversial story will be soon brought in front of the nation. Interior Minister also said that there never has been any exchange of cold words between civil and military leadership. No such incident of bitterness has ever occurred in meetings between the country’s top most civil-military leadership, Ch. Nisar clarified.

Talking about PTI’s plan of Islamabad Lockdown on 2nd Nov, Interior Minister said that it is his responsibility to keep life going on in Federal Capital. Imran Khan should not at all establish such a base through which a provisional government could attack the federal government any time.

Ch. Nisar told that Pakistan is nuclear power and if a few thousand people try to lockdown its capital and give threats to all diplomatic activities, then it will harm the country’s image. He said that shutting down the federal capital would be a huge crime against the state. He tried to resolve the matters through back-channel policy but PTI did not respond, Ch. Nisar said. Interior Minister has also revealed that PTI has plans to break into Pakistan Secretariat during 2nd Nov plans.

Ch. Nisar also criticized Chief Minister KPK Pervez Khattak and said that senior government officials need to be very careful before giving statements. He said that roads connecting KPK with Punjab were blocked with containers to prevent a group of armed people entering from KPK to Punjab. Huge cache of arms and ammunitions have also been discovered from vehicle of one of PTI’s leader, he said by questioning that is it a protest or a possible war in making.

In an unexpected end, to a query related to PM’s daughter Maryam Safdar’s involvement in feeding the updates and news on social media, Ch. Nisar said that rumours or queries based on social media and its content are weightless and do not make a question. He suddenly left the press conference leaving the question unanswered.

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