Were the people from the 80s more Productive than US?

By Dr. Saba Akram.

I was attending a time management workshop a few days ago. One of the topics of discussion was that the people before the 80s didn’t have emails or cell phones. They were far more efficient and productive than the generation today….. What was it that they had and we lack today?

The answer is, determination, 100% focus and concentration. Today we have cellphones, laptops and 3G, 4G internet speed with Whatsapp, Instagram, Netflix and Facebook. These devices should make us more efficient, as they provide us with latest tips and techniques for all the fields of life. With 3G and 4G, now everyone has access to the internet 24/7 on their mobiles. ARE WE FASTER, OR MORE PRODUCTIVE? The answer is NO, we are more competitive, frustrated with less peace of mind and poor health. WHY? These devices and apps were made to HELP us. Since when did they start interfering with our health and day to day routine?

It is US who have the power to use devices and tools to our advantage or disadvantage. Sadly most of us are falling into the latter field. We read tips and techniques and place it in a tomorrow cabin in our brain, if we read about someone who has done well, we criticize it. We read a depressing article and we say that the whole world is like this. After this we start chatting with friends and family members. And voila! an hour or two have passed. We were supposed to do some important research work or some chores, get some sleep or spend time with our kids. But nothing, now we get up fast and our brain is in the Q1 mode which has targeted the most urgent and most important work.  This takes our body to the fight or flight mode.

Our body releases adrenaline as it is in the fight or flight mode and we finish our Q1 activities, exhausted and unable to give it 100% just do the task as to label it complete. This scenario is observed both in domestic life and professional life by both genders. DID YOU KNOW that during the flight or fight mode our brain releases hormones which results in increased heart rate, blood pressure, and breathing rate. It takes between 20 to 60 minutes for the body to return to its pre-arousal levels and the brain tends to divert its attention from the metabolic system due to which we tend to feel very hungry after such a reaction.

We eat more as our blood was filled with emergency glucose energy and our fat was broken down to release this energy. So now we eat more than required and the energy is stored back as fat. We are too exhausted to move around, walk or digest our food. Hence Weight gain has become prominent. Due to lack of exercise and concentration, diabetes, blood pressure and heart disease have become common leading to weak muscles and bone.

WE spend most of our days in Q1 mode, always in a hurry to meet deadlines and finish tasks. Gals and Guys out there, Slow down….. Wake up early, plan your day, plan your week, your month. Take control of your life. Let the mobiles and internet make you more efficient instead of letting them interfere with your daily tasks.

No doubt social media has brought a common medium for thoughts, words and expression. Most of you are aware of the risks and vulnerabilities but still we turn a blind eye towards it. Don’t Use it to make you lazy, inefficient and irresponsible. IT is US who can EMPOWER THE POSITIVE USE, to make sure that social networking does not turn into social dysfunction.

Have a great day.

About the Writer:

Dr. Saba Akram is an online pharmacist whose feels that counselling people on general health can reduce the need of medication. My motto is “A kind word is better than the sweetest syrup.”

You can email me at Saba_a1@hotmail.com

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