PTI Lawyer Hamid Khan backs off from Panama Leaks Case

One of the senior lawyers Hamid Khan has called Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan and excused himself from representing PTI in Panama Leaks Case in Supreme Court. Both the party leaders also discussed various aspects of the Panama Leaks Case whereas Chairman PTI appreciated Hamid Khan’s efforts up till then and requested him to continue his assistance to party’s legal team in ongoing case.

As per Hamid Khan’s statement, the decision has been taken in wake of media’s campaign against him. He said that under the consequences, it didn’t remain further possible for him to continue with the case as the lawyers have always their own way to proceed with some case. He also added that he has told Imran Khan that he cannot fight the battle on media front.

When asked if he thinks that PTI has chances to win the Panama Leaks Case then Hamid Khan said that he still believes that PTI’s stance has weight in it. If it wasn’t like that then he would never have agreed to fight the case for PTI. Hamid Khan said that at the end, its Supreme Court that has to decide who is right and who is wrong. He also hoped that the case will conclude in PTI’s favour.

Earlier it was also emerging that PTI Leadership is not happy with its legal team for not properly fighting the case in Supreme Court and party’s senior leaders also advised Imran Khan to come up with another lawyer to make their case stronger in the apex court. The suggestion came when Hamid Khan failed to put forth the party’s stance effectively in Panama Case.

In yesterday’s hearing, Supreme Court’s Justice Azmat Saeed remarked that Hamid Khan himself is weakening his own case with ineffective and light evidence. He also said that if Nawaz Sharif’s children’s claims prove true, then PTI’s petition will be dismissed. The next hearing has been adjourned till 29th Nov.

In the meanwhile Chairman PTI Imran Khan along with his political counterpart and Awami Muslim League (AML) Chief Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad has departed for London for a couple of days. Before leaving for London, Imran Khan said that he hasn’t met his sons for five months, that’s why he is off to England and will be back after spending some time with his son.

Before leaving for London, Imran Khan talked to media and said that the rulers would soon meet their ill fate through Supreme Court of Pakistan. The evidences and political coffins of current rulers both will come out of the apex court and there won’t be any way out for them to hide their corruption. Imran Khan said that there is no other option for rulers, but to answer the questions being asked by nation to them.

It is to be noted that Vice Chairman PTI Shah Mehmood Qureshi is also in London and Sheikh Rasheed has also gone to London with Imran Khan upon his special request. It is said that these political personalities will gather documents related to Nawaz Sharif’s Mayfair Flats in London as proofs to make their case further stronger.

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