Poem by

Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee.


It seemed like my paradise was there to stay,

Everything I always wanted I possessed,


To hold to cherish till, I was dead

The envy of the crowd, I swayed to the rhythm


My heart heat and my breath hummed,

We were five in all, two boys and a girl,


The mild summer and a picnic by the beach

Snowflakes on the mountains not our of reach


On holiday or at work

Happiness and contentment always at my doorstep,


Suddenly fate started changing for worse,

The truth came home, not an act to rehearse,


He had to leave my side for greener pastures,

The children went along, all for one, one for all,


I was left all alone, to wipe my tears,

One my one they left me for a motionless floor,


I was all alone, all alone.


Writer is a poet and has written a book titled  H A R M O N Y a collection of poems.

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